There is a high possibility that the coaches will enter the Big Brother 14 game this upcoming Thursday. As a result, I have decided this will be a good time to assess the gameplay of each coach thus far.

Coach Britney-She had a promising start as she made a girl-pact with Janelle and picked strong competitors for her team, Shane and Willie. Little did she know, Willie was a hot head as his immature antics resulted in his unfortunate expulsion from the Big Brother game. Quickly, all the attention was turned onto Britney’s team as her players were targeted in Week 2. Fortunately, Shane proved himself to be quite a competitor of Big Brother 14 and stayed in the game to fight another day. On the other hand, Britney managed to lose two of her players, JoJo and Willie, in a short span of time. As a coach, Britney dealt very poorly with the whole Willie situation. It was devastating to watch Britney and her whole team under her direction ostracize Willie. Perhaps if Britney dealt with the problem head-on, she would have been successful at taming Willie. Unfortunately for her players, Britney has a “moving away” interpersonal style when conflicts or crisis arises. Therefore, when JoJo was nominated, Britney once again just let her hands down and gave up on her player. Nowadays, Britney is all-in with Shane the Gladiator, but if Shane is to win, he needs to ostracize Britney, especially if she enters the game.

Coach Dan-This must be déjà vu because I see the replay of Dan’s winning strategy from his season (BB10). At this point, only time will tell if Dan’s recycled winning strategy will be effective or will it only hurt him in the long-run. Dan suffered a devastating loss as two of his players were evicted within a week partly due to a twist. Dan doesn’t seem to be worried as it appears that having only one player remaining does keep attention off his team. Unfortunately for Danielle, Dan’s tendency to pigeon-hole her into his type of gameplay of throwing competitions and appearing weak might actually end up hurting her. On the other hand, Dan is in a perfect position to win the Big Brother game as his player, Danielle, appears to be the swing vote this week. Perhaps if Dan can use Danielle’s powerful role as a swing vote on a weekly basis with manipulating the game constantly in one’s own favor Danielle can win Big Brother 14. Of course, this will not be easy if coaches enter the Big Brother game. Dan doesn’t seem to trust Mike Boogie and his alliances with Janelle and Britney do not appear to be well-established. Most likely, Dan will have to step his game up in terms of competitions and begin actually winning.

Coach Janelle-I’m not sure what Janelle was thinking when she was picking players for her team, because it appears that her team is filled with floaters in the making. Perhaps she just chose players that she most likely could manipulate in the Big Brother game. It cannot be further from the truth as two of her players, Wil and Joe, are already thinking of a way to get out of the shadow of their coach. If Janelle is not careful, she could be very well on some shaky ground quite soon as prodigies turn on their master. Most certainly, Janelle flip flopping her way in the Big Brother game according to where the Head of Household power resides is not really helping her game in the long-run. Although, I have to give credit where credit is due, Janelle has been quite the social queen in Big Brother 14 as she manipulates her way around the houseguests and planting seeds of dissension every chance she gets. Janelle might actually have the upper hand on all of the coaches in the Big Brother game. I believe it is precisely her ability to remain calm and unemotional which might get her the prize in the finals. Of course, other coaches and players might catch on to her manipulative ways which can mean another run short of glory for Janelle. She must establish meaningful relationships with the houseguests if she wants to win.

Coach Mike Boogie-Without a doubt, he picked the most elite group of players to be on his team. Mike appears to have great strategy picking the intelligence of Ian, the competitiveness of Frank, and…Jenn. At the same time, Mike Boogie giving all the attention to Frank while neglecting to coach his other two players, Ian and Jenn, might just be his greatest downfall. In fact, Frank has been one of the biggest targets of Big Brother 14 as Mike attempted to pigeon-hole Frank into the role of “Dr. Will.” Must I say there can only be one Dr. Will? Unfortunately for Mike, he is currently on the brink of losing his number one draft pick Frank this Thursday LIVE show. It appears that neglecting to coach Ian and Jenn might come back and bite Mike Boogie in the buttocks. The odds are definitely seem to be against Mike Boogie as everyone knows his game-play from previous seasons of Big Brother. Perhaps his biggest mistake was promising allegiance to Dan and in the same week throwing Dan under the bus. If Mike Boogie happens to enter the game this week, he must reestablish complete trust with the other coaches and give much more attention to Ian and Jenn. Of course, the lack of Dr. Will helping Mike Boogie along the way is definitely felt throughout the game-play of Mike. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Mike Boogie to prove himself to the Big Brother fan base that he can win Big Brother game without Dr. Will.

Who do you think has the most chance to win Big Brother 14 out of the coaches, if they happen to enter the Big Brother game?

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