Hayden was right when he said, “This game is about making bold moves.”  Unfortunately, the Big Brother 12 house is full of cowards, and nobody is willing to make bold moves.  The Brigade is obviously not making any bold moves, and their secrecy seems on the edge of faltering.  Matt gives a second chance to the Brigade this week, and he cannot make the same mistake twice.  It is crucial to the life of the Brigade that he will put up Brendon and Rachel.  If, for any reason, he will not be putting up the dominating showmance on the block he will not be a self-proclaimed genius anymore.

Most certainly, Brendon and Rachel have to go up on the block, and one of them going home next week.  I feel like every time Rachel laughs a kitten dies.  After all, who wants to watch a Big Brother game full of cowards?

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