As Big Brother 13 kicked off its season, I knew right away what I have been missing all these months.

I have missed seeing all the pre-season strategies of new houseguests burning down to the ground in a matter of minutes.  I have missed the houseguests making fun of each other in the diary room.  I have missed the shocked faces of the houseguests when twists are revealed.  And most of all, I have missed certain veteran Big Brother houseguests which made their return this season.

I never expected Keith to be the most hated houseguest in Big Brother 13 house for the audience.  Apparently, Keith rubbed everybody the wrong way as he revealed to be a horned dog.  I enjoyed watching his “Keith’s Angels” strategy on paper destroyed in minutes as the Dynamic Duos twist was revealed.  As soon as the houseguests paired up, another bomb was dropped on them as Brenchel, Jeff and Jordan, and the Donatos walked through the Big Brother doors.  I’m going to be honest, Brendon and Rachel are not as annoying anymore, Jeff and Jordan are still super cute together and hilarious in the diary room, and the Donatos, to my surprise, are still not talking outside of the house.  It was not surprising at all that the new houseguests would make a pact to get the veterans out.  Of course, we all know those first day pacts never last in the Big Brother house as everyone starts thinking for themselves.  The new houseguests might have the numbers but they are still at a disadvantage due to the experience of the veterans.  The most shocking twist thus far though is the golden key.  The golden key is the game changer of them all this season.  Now the houseguests will be playing not on who to evict but on who will be better to keep in the game.  Quite frankly, Big Brother has definitely outdid themselves this season as I am looking forward to how all these and upcoming twists will shake up the Big Brother house.

My Personal Letter to the Big Brother 13 houseguests:

Dear Big Brother 13 cast,

You’re not playing for the golden key; you’re playing for the $500,000.



In my opinion, the houseguests who are there for the long-haul will not risk eviction just to get the golden key.  Those who are playing for the golden key will be evicted in a beat.

What do you think about Big Brother 13 twists such as the golden key? How do you think will the golden key shake up the Big Brother game?


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