I am sure that everyone has heard by now about the shocking departure of Willie from Big Brother 14. But this time I would like to talk more about an intriguing development that has been brewing in Big Brother house since the game has started.

It appears that the biggest highlight of Big Brother 14 will be an all-out war between the two coaches, Janelle and Mike Boogie. The “chess pieces” on the board have been set up in such a way that this all-out war between Janelle’s team and Mike Boogie’s team is inevitable. It is not a secret that there is some residue tension left from the last time Janelle and Mike Boogie played Big Brother. Mike Boogie betraying the loyalty of Janelle in Big Brother 7 (All-Stars) resulting in Mike winning the game provides the perfect catalyst for some unfinished business between the two players.

The recent developments that makes this epic all-out war between Janelle’s team and Mike Boogie’s team possible in the very near future is the recruitment of Shane onto Mike’s team and Janelle’s expressed desire to work with Danielle. In other words, Mike is looking to strengthen his team by working close with Shane, the player of coach Britney, and Janelle is warming up to Danielle, the player of coach Dan, in order have an extra player on her side. Mike Boogie has the power and the numbers this week, mostly due to Frank being Head of Household, to make a crucial decision: evict JoJo to allow coach Dan to play in case coaches turn into players, or evict Danielle thus throwing a wrench indirectly at Janelle’s team.

What do you think? Will Mike Boogie realize Janelle is also warming up to players outside of her team and evict Danielle or will JoJo be evicted with the commencement of an all-out war between Janelle and Mike?

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