Did Britney make a $500,000 mistake?  There are two sides to this coin.  One side tells me Britney has indeed messed her game up by putting Matt on the block.  The fact that many of those who participated in the P.O.V. competition went for prizes instead of the Veto should reveal to Britney that maybe other guys in the house don’t mind Brendon staying for a while longer.  Britney simply did the dirty work for the Bre-gade this week.  Bre-gade is the Brigade and Brendon excluding Matt. I cannot believe that Britney would not think for herself, especially in such a crucial point in the game.  She needs to get off Lane’s d*%k.

On the other hand, Britney won Rachel’s and Kathy’s vote in the Jury House with getting Matt evicted.  Now she just needs to make sure to get to the Final 2, but did she seal her own fate by trusting the other guys?

Now that Matt’s eviction is inevitable I hope he will go out with the biggest bang in Big Brother history by exposing the Bre-gade to the whole house, and tell Britney how she have been used for their dirty work.  Wouldn’t that make her feel like the biggest fool?

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