Hi everyone!

One second while I get off this emotional roller coaster….ok there…GOSH! I have to say, I am emotionally exhausted….and sad….and intrigued…and excited…and REALLY angry…and disappointed.

When I first started watching this season I was a little discouraged because at first I wasn’t “connecting” with any  one houseguest. You know what I mean? Every season on the first episode when they are all sitting on the couches introducing themselves…that’s when I decide who I like and who I might possibly root for this season. It didn’t happen for me this year.  Then Jessie got added to the mix, hot headed Russell was on his team, and then they aligned with Ronnie. So, I wasn’t rooting for someone to win, but I was rooting for some of them to get evicted…right away.

Then a few weeks into the show…(angels and trumpets play) AHHHHHH…..into the spotlight steps…Jeff (sigh) the HERO. He was dashing. He was handsome. He was charming. He was funny. He was respectful to women. I was instantly smitten…BIG TIME. Instantly all my eggs were in his basket (so to speak, of course). Add to the mix a sweet, endearing little southern belle who made it possible for me and every other woman  to see him “in love” (real or not) and BAM! I am entranced by this combination. Finally! Someone to love on Big Brother 11! I’M ALL IN! Renew my feeds subscription, sign me up CBS…you’ve got me again!

In ancient history, a hero was someone who emerged from war, receiving their “hero” title by sacrificing themselves or risking their lives to save others.  During Russell’s first attack on him, our hero took it like a man, he stayed in control, he handled his enemy with class and perseverance. This resulted in one thing…Russell became a bully and Jeff cemented his hero status for all of us. What did we do? We rewarded him accordingly. By “an overwhelming vote” we rewarded him accordingly…and what did he do? Exactly what we wanted him to do. Hurrah! Our hero prevailed once again! He eliminated (as my girl Janet put it) the evil lord Jessie! Once again, we rewarded him accordingly. All the chat rooms were a buzz with nothin’ but love for Jeff.  He became, in Allison Grodner’s words, “the most popular guest in Big Brother history”.  So here we are….riding our hero train…chugging along…wind in our hair.  Next, the Chima fiasco…what does our hero do?He handles it with nothing but class, and he tops it off by chivalrously letting his damsel in distress have the HOH competition. He gives a somewhat emotional lecture to the other house guests of how tired he is with all of the negativity in the house…how he wants them to all get along…he wants them to all have fun together and play the game. The only thing that would have made his speech better is if he were giving it while sitting atop a white horse….mmmm….yummy.

(snap..snap…sorry…I guess I was daydreaming there…) But I know you all can probably guess where I’m going with this, right? Something has happened..the inevitable…the unthinkable…suddenly in the past couple of weeks…our HERO…has in some people’s eyes…succumbed to the forces of darkness. He has faltered and actually shown that he is what???? HUMAN! Oh no! Say it isn’t so!

Joking aside you guys…it kind of bothers me alittle bit that everyone has turned so sour against someone that two minutes ago could do no wrong. Don’t you think that’s a little fickle? Heroes tend to fall every once in a while. Do you really want to get me started on listing some names of heroes that we all know who have fallen from grace? Can anyone say, Michael Phelps? The reason that this happens is because WE need to escape from whatever each of us needs to escape from and heroes supply us with a means of doing so. We put unreasonable expectations on people and expect them to live up to them. And then when they do something we don’t agree with…they suddenly become human…and they are no longer up there on that proverbial pedastal anymore…and MAN that sucks!

I, however, and I know some of you are still out there, am still a Jeff fan. Geez…I live in Cleveland…I am used to making the commitment to not be a “fair weathered fan”. So I will continue to root for Jeff to win. I really believe he is a good guy. I hope he will emerge from this dark moment into the light…and once again all will be right with the world.

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