Kind of sounds like the next Harry Potter installment doesn’t it?

Well, if my calculations are correct…Big Brother has seen about 18 Showmances to date. Can I ask..when are these cast members going to realize that the Showmance is the Kiss Of Death in this game? Unless you belong to the esteemed Chilltown alliance, who actually coined the term “Showmance” and seem to be the only ones who were somewhat able to use it to their advantage on the show (mostly in Allstars), the Showmance will lose you this game…for sure.

Why you ask, because inevitably if you are involved in a Showmance, one of two things will happen: 1) You will be seen as an alliance that is too strong and must be separated…resulting in the eviction of one or both of you with the stronger member of the Showmance ousted first, or 2.) You will lose your game face, allowing your partner to cloud your judgment and decision making abilities, thereby resulting in your own and/or your partner’s eviction from the game.

In my opinion the fact that they just keep happening,season after season, even though this strategy has proven unsuccessful time after time, is proof that instinctive attraction between two people and our inane desire for “love”, attention and unconditional acceptance, is far more powerful than any desire for money, power or victory.

I know it’s a little too “Freud” for this blog…and possibly too serious…but I have been watching this season quite carefully on this exact point…and it is quite amazing to have watched that theory proven not just on ONE occasion but TWO!

Let’s start with Jessie and Lydia…both of them came into the house with the potential to have a very successful run at this game. Then, Day 10, neither one of them were able to control their animal magnetism anymore…and the “tent” goes up (figuratively speaking of course). After that encounter…and several to follow…they never recovered. Born out of this liaison was a love triangle that cost one of them their game and the other one their alliances’ respect. (You figure out which is which) Ultimately they both met an early demise because they took their eyes off the ball (wow – I really didn’t mean to have so many innuendos in here, sorry). Game play and winning $500K became secondary to laying in bed and 5am secret hookups.  You can almost forgive Lydia’s discretions…she was blinded by muscles, sweet talk and attention…but Jessie – unforgiveable – he played the game before – he witnessed a Showmance kill two people’s chances at winning this game first hand! (April and Ollie) What was he thinking? Well, we know what he was thinking but ?????? really????

And now, the unthinkable, I am watching the same thing happen again to Jeff and Jordan.  And because of this Showmance, every day for the past two weeks I have witnessed Jeff slowly becoming more paralyzed in this game. As a result his judgment is clouded and he can’t see past the little bee named Jordan buzzing in his ear. If he had a clear mind he might have recognized the obvious lies being spewed by the other side of the house. He might have recognized that this is the same side that witnessed their entire alliance crumble in a matter of  three weeks. That this is the side that has been against him the entire game, is suddenly finding themselves with their backs up against the wall and are incredibly desperate. I mean if he were thinking right, he would know beyond a reasonable doubt that Natalie and Kevin are definitely going to be looking for some payback at some point. Every once in a while I’ll hear something that makes sense come out of his mouth…but then…BAM!…Jordan is right there…and any clarity instantly disappears.

Unfortunately, I am afraid our hero is blinded by simulated Big Brother love. I am worrying he is about to meet an untimely death in this game all because of the “wiles of a woman” so to speak. So it could possibly be too late for him. But, NOW HEAR THIS, any and all future Big Brother Houseguests! The Showmance is NOT, and I repeat, NOT, an effective strategy for this game. Only once has a Showmance couple EVER made it to the Final 2…and entertaining the thought of going that far with your Showmance mate is simply game suicide.

Having said all of that, aren’t Jeff and Jordan absolutely adorable together?

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