It’s about 2:30AM EST …and I have a horrible toothache. Ouch! I just finished suffering through Evel Dick’s live backyard interviews of the Big Brother 11 cast…he was a little obnoxious but cool, of course. He sported the typical Evel Dick potty mouth and mostly talked about himself.  The sound quality was poor and the jumpy video was definitely amateur…but for some reason…I just couldn’t stop watching.  I needed one final look at the houseguests. I wished I was partying with them tonight and something is making me feel like we should all be leaving for Vegas together in the morning… I just couldn’t let go.

I feel somewhere between “I just lost my best friend”…and….”Someone died”. How silly am I? I mean, for me, the end of this season was SPECTACULAR! I have made no secret about the fact that I am a die hard Jeff and Jordan fan…so the ultimate pay off happened for me at the finale.  Both of my favorites won something…and best of all….Natalie lost to Jordan. Sweet! In-Your-Face Natalie! So I should be able to sleep like a baby right?? Well, considering the hour…and the fact that I’m not even remotely sleepy yet…clearly that isn’t the case.

This feeling I have is quite similar to the way I feel every December 26th. Christmas has always been huge in my family, and the preparations begin sometime in early October. I love every second of it even though there are some ups and downs along the way…the climax of Christmas morning has always been the payoff…the SPECTACULAR payoff…and then December 26th…the let down sets in. I’m always sad because I get so involved emotionally and financially…and then it’s over so quickly… and I know I’m gonna miss my family members, especially the ones I only get to see around that time of year….hmmm….sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Well, I just want to say to all of you, my Big Brother family members,  who have read and commented about my blogs this season and to all of my outstanding fellow bloggers…Thank You! You have truly made this season of Big Brother a memorable one for me.  I admire all of your respectfulness, your passion and your humor. Big Brother fans are often misunderstood… but WE know that we are just passionate, edgy people with good hearts…and I am proud to be included in that group with all of you. It was my pleasure to have sat around this “holiday table” with you and though the discussions were sometimes heated…they were invaluable, valid, relevant, fun and funny…and I am honored to have shared them with you.

So I will look forward to seeing all of you again next year. Same time…same place. We can meet here and ride this rollercoaster together again…and next time everyone has to put their hands up and enjoy the ride!

Hugs and Kisses!!!

P.S. A special thanks to Matt – thanks for inviting me this season – you are truly a classy guy!

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