First, let me say, Janet – my girl – great blog!

Ok guys it’s been a while since my last blog and the reason is because I have been absolutely horrified by the events that have taken place in the house over the past week or so.  I needed some time to relax, step back and think…and this is what I think…

Now we all knew this could happen….we are all smart and well informed watchers of Big Brother. So now that the unthinkable has happened we have one of two things we can do.  1.) We can wallow in our disappointment and spew profanities at the TV or computer…or 2.) We can all band together and let our vote speak louder than words.  I know that’s kind of lame..but really at this point my friends – it’s all we have left.

The one thing I have noticed in these forums week after week and day after day that is consistent is that no matter who we were rooting for…whether we were Michele fans, Jeff and Jordan fans, Russell fans, etc., the ONE constant was that NONE OF US could stand Natalie. And although I know that the thought of that girl winning this game makes us all sick to our stomach, there is a possibility that it could happen.  Due to the fact that no one in the jury house has been privy to all of the conversations, lies, meanness and conniving that Natalie has done, the jury vote could potentially NOT end up in a tie…. in her favor….and if that happens America’s vote won’t matter.

But I say we RISE UP AMERICA! Even if it doesn’t count we need to band together and vote to NOT give Natalie the $500K. It doesn’t matter who she is up against – we need to make OUR OWN ALLIANCE with each other…and promise not to give her that money! What do you say?

If you read my last blog, you know I respect any player in the Big Brother house who lies and deceives other housemates in order to progress themselves in the game.  No problem…that’s the game. I also know that a lot of these houseguests are NOT the same outside the house as they are inside the house. After all, they are competing for half a million dollars.  But this girl has chosen to lie JUST FOR THE SPORT OF LYING. She is ruthless and nasty and mean. She has taken arrogance to a whole new level.  I think she is exactly like this outside of the house…no one can fake this behavior…she’s been practicing for a while now…this just comes too naturally to her.

So come on you guys – let’s tell Natalie exactly what we think of her! If she makes it to the finale…and unless Jordan pulls out a big win at the end, it looks like it’s inevitable….then we need to SHOW her that no matter how great she thinks she is…we KNOW different. We have seen her true colors.

She has had a hand in removing almost every one of our favorites from this house with underhanded and slimey game play. Lying for the sake of lying is unacceptable and inexcusable.

So NATALIE…now hear this you “Chima loving”, “no shower taking”, “cow chewing”, “nasty lie telling”, “name calling”, “nail clipping” arrogant little witch….the reason America can’t stand you doesn’t have anything to do with Jessie….and you WILL NOT get $500K from me!

Are you with me AMERICA?

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