Ricky Gervais has a new movie out called The Invention of Lying. The concept of the movie is that Gervais’ character lives in a world where lying doesn’t exist. Everyone tells the whole truth and nothing but truth. Additionally, everyone believes everything everyone else says because lying hasn’t been invented yet.  It’s all truth -  all the time. Until one magical day when Gervais discovers lying and it’s full benefits. In a New York minute he becomes rich, famous and a ladies man. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

The truth is, (ha ha) that lying is a part of everyone’s life. There are times when lies aren’t so bad. Little white lies like, “I love your hair” , “It’s a pleasure to meet you” and “Yes honey, Mommy loves the dandelions you picked”  are harmless and provide a source of satisfaction and happiness to its recipient. They are part of what make our lives colorful.

The harmful lies come when they serve no purpose but to benefit the teller. That’s when it becomes deceitful and ugly. Pathological liars are those who tell lies to protect themselves, look good, gain financially or socially or avoid punishment. (Hmmm….everyone read that last sentence again.)

So, what does that say about Big Brother? Big Brother is a reality television GAME show where it participants have signed on to cut themselves off from life as they know it to compete for a prize of $500K.  A situation where it is acceptable to become a pathological liar in order to win the grand prize….and they ALL have risen to the occasion. That’s the appeal of the show. It’s all about the drama, it’s all about the lying, it’s all about the mind games, it’s all about the emotions. We as viewers have the opportunity to see human nature at its best and at its worst…from a fish bowl perspective…so to speak.

Having said that here’s what I think. I think that when we watch Big Brother we are searching for the person or persons who will rise above the temptation to lie, cheat and steal in order to win this game. You know, the one person who has the morals, the values and the conviction not to succumb to all the evil behaviors that this game requires. Deep down, I think we all wish that just once, someone could overcome the deception and stay true to the person they are (or claim to be) when they walk in that house.

The truth of the matter is that in order to win this game, and I hate to say it, you have to lie. If you don’t your early demise is just to be expected. There is no world without lies in the Big Brother house. It’s impossible. The game cannot progress without the lies and the deception. They go hand in hand. So, in order to be a Big Brother fan, 1.) You must expect that there will be lying and deception and that it will come from your favorite player(s) eventually. 2.) You can’t hold lying and deception against any player because, as much as you don’t want to believe it, it IS part of the game,  and 3.) You must accept the outcome of the game as fair and impartial. If you are going to watch this game of lying and cheating and deception…you must accept its inevitable ending without cries of how unfair something may have been or how you think the game is “rigged” (which makes me laugh every time I read it.)

This is BIG BROTHER…if you are a fan of the show you must accept it for all of its bad and good. So please, enough with the conspiracy theories and the outcries of fury towards certain houseguests for lying or cheating or deceiving each other. Just root for your favorites and accept without question or anger how the game ends up, ok?

Judging from your responses to my blogs and those of my blogging colleagues I am encouraged to see the passion and committment you all have for this show. I’m right there with you. I enjoy being able to engage in discussions, sometime heated, about the game. However, you lose my respect when personal attacks against each other or the houseguests start to ensue.  Saying a houseguest is disgusting or empty threats of your possible boycott of the show if it doesn’t go your way are unclassy, without any merit and they don’t impress me.

Nonetheless, I say good luck to all of the remaining houseguests…how incredible it is that they have made it this far in what has quickly become the most intense season in Big Brother history. My favorites are Jeff and Jordan…I wish them a special nudge of luck.  Also, in the next 15 days I hope that the fans can take a deep breath, calm down a little, accept this game in all of its glory and try to have fun with the rest of this show…no matter how it turns out.

I think you all rock……NO LIE!!!!

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