Well here we are…at the point in the Big Brother season where we decide if we are going to give up, accept defeat, and try to beat the traffic out of the stadium…or stick around for the final innings of the game because we’ve got a lot of time and money invested and we still have a remote chance at victory.  I for one intend to stick it out to the end! After all there’s always the game winning, bottom of the ninth, grand slam possibility, right? So what will you do? I would guess…it depends on which team you are rooting for…

If you are rooting for team Jeff and Jordan (and I’ll put these two together because at this point they are pretty much a package deal):

You are probably a little nervous right now and keep finding yourself at the end of your seat during every competition…because you know that if the wrong person wins…one of your heroes are in danger of being ousted from the game. More than likely you can’t stomach the opposition and you challenge any fellow Big Brother fan in the chat rooms if they even try to say something negative about Mr. Yummypants and/or sweet, inexperienced, southern, endearing Jordan.You probably aren’t sleeping very much and when you do finally decide to go to bed after watching the feeds…you lay there thinking you are going to miss something important and find yourself logging in once again. Part of the reason you enjoy this team so much is the fact that these two people are probably the most likable and “real” people that have participated in this game to date. They have proven that it is possible to get far in this game by being genuine and almost unimaginably nice. Their mutual admiration for each other is cute and watchable and absolutely entertaining. I predict that you will stick around for the rest of the game because you are probably a hopeless romantic and hate to give up the hope that nice guys don’t always finish last.

If you are on team Russell or Michelle:

Well, you have a little “Bad Boy” or “Bad Girl” in you I suspect. I also predict that you often find yourself rooting for the villain in many situations….or maybe you are a villain yourself. However, whether you’d like to admit it or not…these two housemates are somewhat likeable and offer a sort of “other side of the coin” perspective to the sweet and innocent game play of Jeff and Jordan. These two are admittedly willing to say anything they have to, deny anything they have to, align with anyone they have to and screw over anyone they have to in order to win this game.  Much to the dismay of all Jeff and Jordan fans they are a force to be reckoned with. They win competitions, they have shown loyalty, they have shown friendship and had good times with their opposition and they make it extremely hard for the opposition to actually make the decision to send them packing. (Well maybe we should get rid of Russell….well maybe Michelle is lyingYOU THINK?) They are strong and smart. I predict that if you are on this team or even if you just root for one or the other…you aren’t going anywhere until the final pitch is thrown…which is probably a good idea…because I think this team’s biggest and best moves in this game will be in the final two innings.

If you are on team Kevin:

Awww…you are probably my most favorite group of fans…because more than likely you always root for the underdog…and unfortunately you often find yourselves sadly disappointed in the end. However, I understand wanting to root for this Big Brother houseguest because he definitely has a head on his shoulders and really does possess a great understanding of the game…as most underdogs do.  He knows what needs to be done…and always gives it the old college try…but he just…can’t….quite…get there. Now knowing all of you Kevin fans…you will stay steadfast and true to him until the end…and always optimistic that he is “due” for a victory or that he will pull it out in the end…so I don’t see you guys going anywhere until all is said and done either….bless your hearts. I give you kudos for your loyalty…and the proverbial pat on the back…you are good-hearted fans…and who knows….maybe the underdog will have his day this season, right? So, we won’t count the Kevin team out just yet.

Small but powerful…team Natalie:

And this team is exactly that…small but mighty…just like Natalie.  Although her biggest claim to success so far is winning a slop pass and a phone call from home….she absolutely 100% believes that she is going to win Big Brother 11.  She is probably the most positive thinker in the house, the worst at competitions, the absolute most masterful liar and has the biggest mouth. She has pretty much played a game of bad alliances and “Hail Mary” passes…but for some reason it’s working for her. I don’t think the team of Natalie fans is very big at all…but for the few of you that believe in this houseguest…I admire your tenacity. I think you will stick out the game…because if she wins…you will definitely want bragging rights…and if she loses you will want to know who to blame.

Teams Ronnie, Jessie, Chima and Lydia:

For you, I will remain a “good sport” and shake your hand because I wouldn’t want to gloat at you while you wallow in your losses. I don’t expect you to stick around for the final innings of the game…I think you feel as though you have had enough pain and suffering for one season.  So, best of luck to you and happy trails as you hide your faces on the way to your cars…and remember….don’t hate the players…hate the game (or in your case maybe it’s vice versa). There is a silver lining for you though…there’s always Project Runway!

Now everybody…back in your seats and get ready for what promises to be the best final innings of Big Brother we have ever seen…including the fireworks at the end of the game.

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