I had to give myself a while to calm down before posting again. After I saw the back to back Pandora Adventure (you know, the one CBS decided to throw in there to save a dying season) and when I saw “that thing” back in the house (even for a minute) after not even 24 hours had passed since her eviction…I gave up.

Does anyone else feel BB has nothing original left in its gas tank? The idea of what the show is…is amazing!! Never mind the picked on, bullying, backstabbing, sneaks, rats, liars, power trippers, and showmances….they have been in every season since the beginning and made the show what it is. The moment loyalty was broken, the huge lie told, the face to face screaming matches, the crucial HOH/POV competitions…and so on.

There is a huge difference between the earlier seasons and what has sprung up, really, in my opinion, since the couples BB. The people cast for this show have been over-conditioned by the past seasons. Stories of success, stardom and what else may come from being on t.v. Talks of selling personal memorabilia, just trying to make it to the jury house…COME ON!!…where are all the people there to win the game? Throwing comps, not throwing comps, blood on your hands, no blood on your hands…this is just dumb. I will give Rachel (there, I said her name) credit for one thing…she was there to win the whole thing. How many of you out there would die to be in their position? Has BB really turned into the breeding ground where you go to take your small town achievements and perpetuate them into working with Jay-Z or DeNiro? I don’t think so.

Is there such a thing as over-strategizing? YES. Knowing a show too well to a fault? YES. The result…a house of boring, scared individuals. Yes, some of the antics (usually at the expense of another HG) like the “Just the Tip” thing, can be entertaining and funny. Whinning about slop, “can’t wait to get the F out of here” talk…not cool. Say it once…o.k. Say it every damn day…pound sand.

The game is hard. It looks hard. Even harder to win but THAT is why you signed up, right? RIGHT?

Over halfway through…there are only three people playing this game right now…something is wrong with this picture.

I still constantly watch, though 

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