YES!!  YES!!  YES!!  YES!!  This turned out to be better than excepted.  I’m gonna be REAL bold right now.  One down!  It’s a start…and I am saying it right NOW.  Jessie or Natalie is gone this week.  I’m not lookin’ at feeds or BBAD  (right now).  It’s on!!


WE DID IT AMERICA!  Jeff, you have some serious power this week…and we still love ya…even if you got out on your own statement in the HOH comp. 


I have had nanoseconds to think, but this is truly a great chance to get out, yet another component of the NBK.  Allow me to share.  Chima…can’t vote.  Whoever she puts up…doesn’t matter.  The veto…the only stopper.  But who cares?  There’s plenty of people that need to go.  Jeff has the ultimate power!  This is too good.  One of the NBK can’t vote unless a tie!  That’s HUGE!  Ya, like it’s gonna happen last minute on live TV when Jeff puts the “zinger” on them.  Well played.  I’m so far in advance right now.  I really don’t care.  It can’t turn out bad. 


I hope Chima DOES put up Russell and Michele, and then Jeff preps them this whole week, that he will fight for Russ and Michele in the veto if he is picked.  Neither win.  Jeff sets up the next move.  Then, Russ thinks he’s going home, Jeff hits him with the “zinger”, puts up Nat and Jessie, Russ wakes up, honors Jeff with a kick in the ass to Jessie, Michele see’s a defined loyalty in Jeff and we all drink merrily.  Jessie is out. 


Russell did show me a scary side when Julie asked which side he is loyal to.  Both?  Russell is gonna have a hard enough week dealing with Chima’s HOH.  He will take what ever relief he can get.  Jeff should play in to that.  I think Michele is definitely feeling a home with Jeff and Jordan.  That’s all I need to see.  Russell, I still like you…and I don’t exactly know why.  Maybe because I think you and Jeff will be final two (don’t quote me people…unless I’m right, LOL).


Ronnie is GONE people!…and that door ain’t lettin’ him back.  Chima has ZERO idea what she is in for this week.  She definitely plays personal, if she truly plays at all. Just another who needs a supporting cast to stay alive in the BB house to me.  Congrats on your win Chima, it WILL mean nothing.  Even if you think you know who has the mystery power…it doesn’t matter…’cause one of your boys is packing.  I say Russell and Michele for noms from Chima…any takers?     

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