This just in…Willie is a poor sport. A quick recap for you. Willie’s target doesn’t go home…and wins HOH. The coach’s challenge proves no outlet to save Brittany’s dying team. Janelle wins…doesn’t trade and the house rejoices….Willie and his compatriots go on slop and into the have-not bedroom (which looks like it truly sucks). Willie says he’s gonna evict himself before they get the chance to…”Please believe that” (his words, not mine).

Well, it’s beautiful weather here in Metro-Detroit, so I’ll stop for now. By the time I’m done typing, Willie could be, “the first one in Big Brother history to knock somebody out…” (his words, not mine). Something tells me Frank and Joe aren’t worried about it. I know you overplayed your hand…but wake up, buddy. There is a lot ‘o game to play and BB might just toss a POV your way worthy of your skill sets…as long as it has nothing to do with grammar or spelling. Don’t be so bitter…take your licks…”like a grown-ass man” (his words, not mine). Don’t Russell (BB, not Survivor) your way outta the house…or do…whatever…you’re a grown-ass man (my words).

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