This is what I’ve personally been waiting for. The severing of the three-headed Hydra…if you know your Greek mythology….known as Danielle, Porsche and Kalia.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast you can be sliced up a piece of humble pie in the BB house. Just two days ago, the Hydra was assembling the pecking order for the next two weeks of evictions. You would think after 13 seasons, these people would know better. When you have a group of people like Danielle, Porsche and Kalia…you know…people that are soft spoken, mature, good hearted types…there is no better television to watch. Let reality (slap)…BEGIN!!

I’m not just gonna jump on the Jeff bandwagon…God knows it’s out there, but I am glad he was the one to win HOH. Let’s be honest, if there was a competition in the game he would be able to win…BB served it right to him. One thing you can count on Jeff to do…chop off one of the heads of the beast. As of right now, nominations have not been released. I am confident enough to say…it’s not gonna matter…one of these three chicks is out of the game. Even though, technically, two of the three can be saved…Adam, Shelly and Jordan will control which one will go…and I think they’re gonna be a pretty solid unit this week.

Look for Dani to do some heavy campaigning to Adam and Shelly this week whether she is on the block or not. Depending on how the veto plays out, she knows she needs votes to stay and votes to keep her friends safe. Her best shot lies with convincing Jeff not to nominate her, then play in the veto (with or without using her ticket), win and pull one of her clones down. Too bad nominations happen pretty fast after the HOH is crowned, so her time to deal with Jeff is limited. All of it is really pointless anyway. Even if Dani wins veto, I think she knows she is losing a teammate. Only thing she can do is save herself and hope to get a replacement nom evicted. Good Luck!!…we know you’re gonna try your ass off to make it happen.

For me, I hope Dani goes. I will give credit where credit is due…she is a tough, tough competitor when it comes to challenges…and that’s where it stops. Her strategies are as see thru as that fish tank. Second choice goes to Kalia…just…just…just…yuck! Seriously, do you ever shut up…when you’re not stuffing your face? Lastly, Porsche. I wonder if she still has a mouthful of baby teeth. Seriously…can she eat solid foods yet? And run a toothbrush over those things…you do realize you are on TV, right? If I see that pink velour jumpsuit one more time…I’m gonna punch myself in the d**k!!

One of the three is headed for a late summer rendezvous with Bukie and whichever one it is, I am happy. How funny would it be if Porsche was evicted and her and Brenden were engaged by the end of the show? It could happen…the guy works pretty fast.

Ahhhh…a nice easy week of BB for me…oh no…wait…Rachel is still in there. What am I thinking? By the way, Rach, you missed a couple zits in the mirror…keep up that positivity!!

Crystal Ball Notice: If Dani does go out the door this week, look for the Newbies to begin to come together and start targeting the Vets. With the fast forward week approaching, they can throw the HOH to Rachel and let her put Jeff up and out. Then win the second HOH themselves and get rid of her. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

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