There are two certainties I know in this life.  Number one, never play cards with a guy named Willie.  Number two, Michele officially has a home to call her own in the BB house and it’s not just the HOH room.  Chima and Natalie are on the block.  Put it in the bank and watch Chima pack, if she even makes it to next Thursday.  This really started to gel last night after her HOH win (when CBS did me the favor of bringing back up the feeds that I paid for).  J/J/M is a tight unit, with a dash of Russell.  Looks like the lines went from being drawn in the sand, to being cemented.      


Chima is Michele’s main target, for sure.  Funny thing, though. There was a lot of “bulling, betraying and bewildering” on the part of “Ms. Hypocrite” herself and the “Dirtiest (hygiene wise) Player” in BB history.  They tried SO hard to pump Michele full of {insert word here} before the noms.  Sorry, didn’t work.  Can I get some theme music?


Hasn’t this been done before guys and gals?  Don’t we watch BB every year and see the same type of people thinking THEY are the righteous ones?  The ones who think they did nothing wrong?  Played the perfect, honorable game?  Only to be, literally, slapped in the face when they get out of the house?  Does no one learn from seasons past?  I mean, the self proclaimed “Uber Fan”, didn’t even make it to the JH.  The one HG that came back for a second time, still didn’t learn a thing, and got booted.  Aren’t we ALWAYS on these boards arguing with the SAME 4 people that think the Ronnie, Jessie and Chima types were wronged? 


By all means, have your own opinion about who you like and who you want to see win.  Voice ALL your happiness and ALL your frustrations.  Keep it civil and respectful.  We’re all here because we love Big Brother.  I feel the need to bring this up because some of the comment boards are getting out of control because of the actions of certain HGs.  No need to sink to the same level.  There is a line to walk….then a line you shouldn’t go beyond.  THEY went beyond it, doesn’t mean WE have to.  It IS just a game, and a pretty sweet one too (Still hate you CBS!!).  Just trying to spread a little peace and love out there (minus CBS).  J


 P.S. – Yes, calling Chima a hypocrite because she IS one, based on factual information from her own mouth, and calling Natalie, the dirtiest player to EVER play BB, because of her lack of hygiene, addressed by ALL HG’s, not to mention the countless times I WATCHED her pick her nose and roll it in a ball and not shower, is COMPLETELY  fair game.  It happened….it’s not my fault I wasn’t in the BB house with a bar of soap and some mood stabilizers.


P.P.S. – As I have said before, there is no right or wrong way to play BB, but there is a right and wrong way to live life.      



P.P.P.S. – You’re gonna hate this one “anti-Jeffer’s”.  “So this is what it’s come down to…for 3 weeks in a row Jeff gets to decide who is on the block?…Jeff is actually running the game.” – Natalie      Don’t kill the messenger….Jeff haters.  J



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