I am not one to be afraid to go against the norm and try to offer a different view or opinion. Since hindsight is 20/20, as they say, this whole post may seem a little retrospective or redundant. As a Big Brother fan from the start, I’d be lying if I said last season didn’t take a lot out of me.

Season 12 really brought out some of the worst in Big Brother for me. I don’t care if it was the highest rated BB to date, either. In the history of watching the show, I can’t remember seeing so many contestants thinking “something will come out of this”. Musicians, rappers, commentators…dare I say….lovers. It seems that BB has turned into a place where you go when you really don’t have a clue (there are few exceptions). More airtime…15 minutes…whatever. I want to watch you play the game. I don’t need you to come back for three seasons or take a hosting job for the show after it’s over. Play the game and go back where you came from.

Unfortunately, everyone who now plays BB seems to think they are about to be the next noticeable name in the history of the show. The Evel Dick…The Dr. Will…The Janelle…The Howie…The Chima…The Jeff and Jordan…even the dreaded “Brenchel”. These names are thrown around every season (some more than others). The contestants know the production so well, even BBAD seems to be almost scripted. Things like, “Oh is it Showtime, yet?” “What time does Showtime start?” “Oh, wait until after Showtime…” I thought it was supposed to be uncensored. Now you have dance shows, mock theater, close camera confessionals and every other dumb thing in the world to try to make people remember you. In a world filled with scripted reality shows, this one used to be the real deal….or as close as you could get. No more.

It’s disappointing to reflect back on a time when people went into that house and each person playing actually wanted to win a game and come out victorious. No matter what the strategy was…floating…competing…manipulating…these guys and gals wanted to win the game. Now it’s, “I just wanna make it to jury”, “Well, something might happen from all this…” “Oh, my DRs…my DRs are so funny” “All-Stars…All-Stars” “My speech is gonna be epic…” SHUT UP!!

This season is light-years better than the last and there is legit game play going on. I watch but have very little to say. My votes stay with Adam and Shelly. This upcoming twist will offer a jolt to the game but I still feel a core principal of the game has been lost for a couple seasons now and may never be found. I still love the idea of the show and it continues to be my guilty summer pleasure. I just wonder if anyone else feels like I do. Has Big Brother lost its innocence?

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