Russell is cashing the checks…and breaking the necks.  He might not be the bad guy you think he is.  There was a glimpse of this guy’s loyalty last night (the vote for Casey).  The kid is pretty smart.  He is physically fit.  His macho is turned down…Jesse proved where that gets you.  I really believe Jeff and Russell have more in common with the day to day man stuff.  They could even be friends outside!  Now… Russell…is kinda…dare I say…lovable?  

Noms are in…Ronnie/Lydia…time to see what you REALLY got!!!

Squid and squash are on the menu for the have nots and parnoia is running wild.  America’s Vote…Sometimes it’s good to be dumb and likable.   It really doesn’t change your mood.  Up on the block…down on the block.  The sky looks the same for the most part.  Oh, come on, guys!  Jeff and Jordan aren’t the smartest contestants we’ve ever seen, but they are one of the realest.  That means something to me.  They will most likely win.  Will it play out?  Does Russell know we are watching and does he care?  Time will tell…

It’s gonna be good to say the least.  Don’t be surprised if Jesse goes up in the event of a veto win.  Russell doesn’t care…and he’ll fight you for it.  He wants to.  I’m starting to like the warrior.  He’s went up a few points in my book.

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