When your best laid plans come up short and you know you are out the door…what do you do to pass the time? What do you do when you can’t BELIEVE the people that you “trusted”, turn out to be the same people responsible for sending you out of the BB house?

If you’re Danielle, you display grace and tact and take your loss in stride.

Of course I’m kidding. If you’re Danielle, you blame everyone else, play the victim, be a hypocrite and make it seem like you didn’t have the chance to control your own fate. Sounds like Danielle (the ultimate BB player) needs a refresher course on what not to do when playing Big Brother. Does Danielle remember last week, you know, when her and her two minions were in power, smiling away, making the plan to BD Jeff for this week. Does she really believe “deals” are something that hold water? Did she really think, even Jeff, the second dullest tool in the shed, was not going to jump on the opportunity, once Brenden was gone, to dismiss her if he had the chance? Did Danielle not make the same “deal” to everyone… let’s start working together…hit the rest button…no one would expect it…you’re not my target…blah, blah, blah. Was Jeff just supposed to never come after you and just hang around until you got around to telling him he, in fact, WAS your “target” for the week? Let’s not forget “Dani”, that Jeff only replacement-nominated you. The people still have to vote you out…and they are…they are. Why not be mad at them too, crybaby? Isn’t your famous line, “It’s a game…it’s all just game…nothing personal…it’s game…nothing but game…game…moves…big moves…power moves…game…”

It’s pretty obvious to see that Danielle is full of sour grapes. Out of everyone who has known of their impending eviction, she is handling it the worst. Danielle, you had the chance to win this week. You used your veto ticket…played…and lost. When you really had to win to keep yourself safe…you didn’t. Things didn’t go your way…you’re not the only one playing…and not the only person wishing things turned out better for themselves. YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO WIN THE POV…you didn’t…remember that…and know it’s the FIRST, and most important reason, why you are going home. Being such the “competitor” you are, I would think you would know this very basic fact.

You gotta love Danielle’s arrogance. Even as she heads toward the door, she is coaching Porsche (who barely looks attentive) on what to do in the event of this or that contingency. She is committed to watching Rome burn…don’t think that jury vote is gonna be based on “game play”.

Last night’s BBAD was pathetic. First, there was the major chunk of, The Danielle Pouting Show, “Kalia, you know I’m going home, right. I’m REALLY, RE-ALLY sad. I wanted to be here more than you know…NO…like honestly…you don’t even understand…” Ya, Kalia, don’t smile around me…ever. Be sad…sad like me…you know what?…self-evict for me.

Then on to Jordan…who may be sweet…but is dumb as hell. Her and Rachel spent time in the HOH room going over different quotes from the infamous Zingbot…and with little surprise to anyone…Jordan was struggling to talk and chew gum at the same time. “Rachel, how do you remember all of those after only hearing them once…I’m here to play, Jordan.” Um, if you’re acting Jordan, you have me fooled. It was really painful to listen to.

If these Zingbot quotes are a preview for the upcoming HOH, Adam, Rachel and Kalia have the best chance. I don’t include Porsche or Shelly because, let’s face it, why should I, and Jordan…um….well…uhhh…too late, you’ve been eliminated…please reset your box and sit on the bench. Thursday should be action packed. With people trying to be remembered…I recommend Danielle start writing that “EPIC” goodbye speech and not worry so much about how Adam, someone who is still IN the house playing, is going to be remembered. Bring on Thursday!!

UPDATE:  ABOUT 11:00am BBT.  Danielle and Shelly are hammering Adam for a vote.  Adam just called Danielle out about last week when he was on the block.  Rachel comes out to disrupt the action.  Bye-Bye, Danielle.  Someone out Shelly already!!

UPDATE:  Something I missed last night from BBAD…and want to share with regard to Danielle’s BB production connection.   This is a copy of an extremely accurate post by another user from Joker’s Updates.  Flashback for yourself…I couldn’t have said it better…

“While general chit chat in the kitchen in the live feeds of BB After Dark Shelly says You got all cleaned up too, Daniele replies Me? And sacrcastily replies ” To do a goodbye message that nobody will see !!!”, lets face it people with all the bonehead moves this deadwood makes she is batting 1000 with all predictions but the manner this was said was like it was a certainty that she knew there was indeed a fast forward and in those cases there is no messages when you get the boot cause they go right into the next compitition which is the HOH. I dont think CBS is fixing the results of the competitions, but I do believe they are doing alot more then general chit chat in those DR sessions and some of those take hours. And all we see at the end of it all after hours of DR sessions is 5 minutes if were lucky and edited or rehearsed sessions at that. What scares me is if CBS offers Adam something else example a spot on another show or opens its checkbook would Adam change his vote. We really dont know but with all the leaks and accusations this year there must be some inkling of truth to some of it.”  -thanks to Joshua 1959 for the posting.

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