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  1. sparky77040
    Aug 18 - 3:02 pm

    they couldnt pay me enough to go in the BB house… love your comentaries…

    • backdoor brenchel
      Aug 18 - 3:34 pm

      I’d go in a minute.

      It’s all just mental masturbation. Taking things and hiding items is thought to unnerve the others, whether it works or not is unknown.

    • doctormisterMD
      Aug 18 - 7:38 pm

      It would certainly be tough being there. Thanks for the comment!!

  2. david
    Aug 18 - 5:17 pm

    dani is something else pushing the envolope. i agree its been very mean spirited. thats what angers me some folks in house get away with a lot but bb seems to think its ok. i think everyone should experience slop.

  3. Dragonfly
    Aug 18 - 5:56 pm

    There is absolutely no way stealing, hoarding or spiking protien drink mix should be tolerated by BB. That is despicable & should be grounds for self eviction or public exposure and punishment on TV. Kids watch this for heavens sake. I would never hire anyone who would do such despicable things to housemates. If Kahlia has a friend that works for BB, that is a conflict of interest! The affected parties should be notified in the DR and given a golden key or make the doer of bad deeds sit one out. Shame on u CBS for sponsoring this crap. Either make them eat slop, or pay a consequence! For shame … this is not game strategy people!

    • That guy
      Aug 18 - 6:49 pm

      Unfortunately, those parts of the show will never be aired…yet they continue to happen. Shame.

  4. JoeyLee
    Aug 18 - 8:24 pm

    Excellent Blog Dr.!
    I’ve been pretty sicked by the lack of authority, again this year, especially after everyone seemed to stand up against Natalie & Kevin last year..
    I did hear when Dani made the comment about one of the producers/camera people.
    Kudos for the spot on Bullsh*t!

    • doctormisterMD
      Aug 19 - 12:48 pm

      Thanks JoeyLee. The “authority” seems to be selective at best. BB never ceases to amaze me.

  5. zee
    Aug 19 - 12:28 pm

    You forgot Shell hid Rachel’s dog and she also hide food and sodas. Jeff thinks he is the master of the house and Jordan thinks shes an executive calling meeting with nothing to say lol….

    • doctormisterMD
      Aug 19 - 12:47 pm

      Thanks Zee. I noticed it last night with the convo between her and Adam. I was just in the process of updating the post when I noticed you beat me to it. Good looking out.

  6. bbadict
    Aug 21 - 1:07 am

    don’t forget to add Shelly also wanting to cut up Rachels dog and putting parts throughout the house with Kalia, Porsche & Dani’s encouragement. karma’s a b****c & if they only knew this week is a double eviction. HA!

  7. sparky77040
    Aug 21 - 10:33 am

    I TOLD YOU………BigBrotherLeak
    Jeff saying he’s been getting influenced in the diary room to keep Daniele. Jeff saying no way is he going along with it. #BB13


    • zee
      Aug 21 - 11:23 am


    • T
      Aug 23 - 9:40 pm

      BB13 knows that people are watching now because of Dani. She’s the only one playing the game. People are already saying that they are done with the show when she leaves. It’s always been the Jeff & Jordan show.

  8. FRANK.NS.
    Aug 21 - 12:03 pm

    Best part of big brother is going to be
    the people in the jury house.

  9. grammy6
    Aug 21 - 1:29 pm

    I wish Dani would shutup & stop whinning about being on slop. She thought is was so funny when other people were but she can’t take it.

    • Amy
      Aug 23 - 5:21 pm

      yes and after Jordan was on slop for two weeks and was losing weight and feeling tired and sluggish, meanie asshole Dani fixed her a horseradish and sourkraut coctail in the drink game.I was suprised she wasnt sent out for medical help. I HATE Dani and cant wait to see her go!

      • Marcio
        Mar 04 - 8:27 pm

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  10. zee
    Aug 21 - 2:48 pm

    did not Dani’s grandpa just died and she just feel sick she said she will be ok ,Jordan could complain and no one says a peep is it because she just had a boop job .. Or is it that she never poops like the rest,

    • T
      Aug 23 - 9:37 pm

      Jordan is the biggest complainer of them all! She even cried but nobody says anything. Dani really didn’t even get mad and someone picked her…..she didn’t lose any comp, she was picked…..the slop makes her sick, thats it!Funny how Jeff gets to pick 3 people and thats how many were on the other side….Jeff & Jordan show!

  11. Dragonfly
    Aug 22 - 5:00 am

    What in BB name does it matter whether Jordan had a boob job, or how often she’s able to poop have to do with anything ?!?!?

    • Ifi
      Mar 05 - 12:40 am

      I agree with you Phil with everything you said word for word! Jordan adalrey won so I want someone else to win and she has done nothing this game. Jeff had been talking about keeping Danielle and I hope he does, then he can realize it wasn’t a good move, but again with double eviction I am not sure if that is a good idea as she could go anyways? Can someone tell me how that works, do they have a competition-I forget .I am a huge Dani fan as she has been playing the game, asking the right questions .Rachel will go nuts wondering what is going on in the jury house if Dani goes which could be fun to see how she is, but I want Rachel gone. Her whinny voice, fake crying and childish stares and glares is rediculous really hope Dani stays!

  12. sparky77040
    Aug 22 - 10:55 am

    does anyone else notice rachel drinks too much?

    • Sipsy
      Aug 22 - 12:04 pm

      P/k/d/r all like to get their drink on. That’s why they hoard all the beer and wine

      • Amy
        Aug 23 - 5:26 pm

        In that house they need more booze then they get, But if they let them get too stoned thier would be fireworks. They wouldent stop at name calling crying and lies theyd be hitting each other, Is it true Porsha spit on Rachel?

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