Someone say VINDICATION!  I say it all the time, if you wanna live to fight another day in the BB house, you gotta WIN THE COMP, not rely on anybody else.  Michele sure did that.  The old “face morph” comp proved too tough for some.  So tough, that “Mr. Got-Got”…got, got.  At least he admitted it to Michele and said, ”We could have played it 10 times and I would have lost every time…”.  No SH**.     


BTW, the term “You Got, Got” is not a BB original.  It’s from Entourage (HBO) Season 3 (over two years ago) when they did a parody of “Punk’d” on the show, and called it “Gotcha”.  The catch phrase was “You Got, Got.”  At 3:18 in the clip, you hear Pauly Shore say it to Johnny Drama (he says it a bunch in the episode).



Knowing what I know of America’s boy, I’m sure he watches Entourage and fancy’s himself as an honorary member of the Foursome and pulled the line from there.  Just wanted to throw it out there.


Now for some BB.  I’ll go back to calling him Jeff, ‘cause everyone gets so fussy when I call him Mr. Stupid or Rocky.  Jeff took defeat well.  I never thought he wouldn’t.  He turned humble almost instantly after the POV and admitted his faults (woulda been there this week if you didn’t boot Russ and stayed cool for one more week).  It’s gonna be interesting to see what plays out when it’s Jordan and himself on the block FOR REAL this time.  Someone is packing.  I really don’t see any campaigning going on.  Just quiet embracing and a lot of last minute kissing.  Can’t wait for Jeff to watch the tapes to see how all this came about.  I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of it. 


Russ’ departure.  He went with class but he’s also a weirdo.  Wanting to be a dynamic person in the BB house?  Will, Boogie, ED and Dan combo?   Who are you…Captain Character?  How ‘bout being yourself, guy?  I thought that was odd.  He went down a few notches in my book after the “I was playing a character” speech.  I think he is a generally good guy.  The type that will do anything for his boys regardless of his “staged” flare ups in the BB house.  He did touch on a point that I agree with, though.  It is a game.  I know many of you think there is a moral line that shouldn’t be crossed.  I disagree.  I’m sure I’m gonna get slammed for this.  It’s been 11 seasons and most contestants of today are students of the show.  They have seen what can happen…and it just might happen to them.  Name calling…personal attacks on family and whatnot…career…nothing is off limits and it ALWAYS happens.  Russ knew it even when Jeff attacked his family.  Only difference, Russ was trying a piss poor “yell loud, keep me in the house” strategy, and Jeff honestly laid into him.  Thin skin need not apply to BB. Chima was a whole different kind of bad t.v.  Attacking production, the viewers of the show she is on and speaking for America about terrorism and other nonsensical bs…she still baffles me.


Michele.  You’re a tough kid.  You have a lot going on both in and out of that house you live in.  You are in your current position brought on mostly by lies of another directed toward you.  Yet you persevere.  Saying what I said above, I’ve NEVER felt bad for a contestant before, until Michele.  She is getting continuously dogged out and that sucks.  Watching her cry, those tears are REAL.  Real disappointment.  Not understanding why she is so disliked by her own team that she was willing to take where she promised.  There’s one winless girl who did all this to you Michele…and you better take her out next week.  You have a lonely road ahead but there is a ray of light in the clouds.  The girl can win….and win often.  I wish you luck. 


Pandora’s box hypothetical.  Whoever unlocked Kevin, Kevin can choose to save from the block.  That’s my guess and I’m guessing he wouldn’t choose to use it if that is the case.  It’s “twisty” enough in the BB sense, and would allow BB to keep Jeff around.  Or, what’s done is done and people got a little extra dough.  I don’t see it being that simple, though.  Something is gonna happen.


You know, I admit when I’m wrong.  I’ve bitched a lot about this season.  I picked Jeff and Russell for f2 but I was not really clicking with a HG to root for…I had (and still have) problems with CBS and so on.  Refreshing on everything that has happened this season, it has been a great ride.  Even if Natalie (my worst choice to win) gets to the money round, I got my moneys worth.  I know there are still fireworks left to explode and good times to be had.  I’m officially Michele to the end and hope she can pull it off.  She has fought and won, she is not the classic BB eye candy, and she is doing it all up hill.  Win or lose…she’s a champ in my book. What say you, World?      



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