Let’s just dive in here.

Hayden – Seems like a truly nice enough guy, but the hair (wayyy past his age) and proclamations of baseball superstardom may leave some saying…typical college kid.

Lane – Big, dumb country by design. He knows what he is. Anything outside of his own expectations is gravy. Seems he has his small town outs to still live a happy small town life after BB but is still fascinated by the television. I’ll call him an enlarged Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynomite with delusions of grandeur.

Enzo – Grow up, yo. 32 years, don’t know when to shave a balding head, rapper? To those not exposed to guys like him…it’s funny. Problem is…Jersey and NY is filled with dudes like ‘em. “East Coast, Represent, yo.” …blah…diddy…blah…blah. It happens here first, yo. We know it all…and see it all. Not really. Stick to the one block you know. If you lived in Jersey your whole life and have NEVER went to the city…that one’s for you.

Britt – Pretty…smart…articulate….full of yourself…young. I think she’ll gain a lot from her experience but probably won’t change much until she lives a little longer. The wake up call could hit her the hardest. Depends how far outside of her home base she goes. STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR HAIR AND LIPS!!

Brenden – He’ll have his share of fans, obviously. Socially awkward?…to me, yes, but he has an endearing BB quality about him that has been growing the longer he wins. He’s not nearly half as annoying as he was. He keeps winning and has definitely improved his game play since the departure of his…whatever. Time will tell.

Ragen – Dial me a BB know-it-all crybaby. I’m not anti-gay in any way but you might just be setting the movement back. Can you speak intelligently?…yes. Can you over-dramatize things with the best of them?…yes. Can you stop talking about past seasons (and everyone else) and what you KNOW your season will be like?…N-O!! P.S.- not to be catty but the dude’s head looks like a potato on a toothpick. It’s psychically jarring.

Matt – here today…gone tomorrow. The classic cocky, overplayed BB hand. Can he win comps?…yes. Does he think he’s a little (or a lot) too cool?…more for the DR…but yes. I would have left out, “Diabolical, Super-Genius” and maybe people would have responded to you better. The wife lie didn’t help much either. I see him fancying a Dr. Will but I doubt Dr. Will, WILL come calling. Your over-cockiness…or should I say…trust in your own alliance…is what will put you out the door. “A” for effort but there’s at least one of you in every season. Julie Chen, “Matt, would you say you trusted your alliance a little too much?” Matt, “You know, I came into this house with a…” You did what you could. Peace…see you at the next “Mensa” meeting.

So after all that…who do I have to root for?…you tell me. It’s been a challenging season. Someone call CBS and get better wannbe actors, wannabe models, ex-athletes, wannabe musicians, wannabe Nobel Peace Prize winners, etc.

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