I feel like there are almost two different shows unfolding right before my eyes and I do not like it.

CBS…STOP the over-selective editing!! This is ridiculous. You left out a HUGE key part in your Robot/Stripper…Romeo & Juliet scenario….it was HER idea!! Why are you trying to fool your viewers. They are not the jolted couple!! You suck.

Should I be grateful you “kind of” painted Witchel as a complete reject? No (I did appreciate the close ups of her acne ridden, over painted, scorned face, though). There is sooo much more feed you could have showed to truly articulate her crazy personality. Why not show Jeff (of Jeff/Jordan) telling Manbeast to put her claws away? If you do not show the hammock scene and the EVIL stare down (for starters) that she denied (which she COMPLETELY did) giving Regan on the upcoming show…you have your own delusion of reality.

Should I feel bad because this idiot forgot why he is in that house? NO! You paint them out as victims when they were the most vocal, egotistical of any HOH//POV award winners in history. They do everything for the cameras…and know when it’s time to put on a show. STOP EDITING THEM AS A SOAP OPERA!!! Why not throw together a montage of all the things this goof has said he’s an expert in? Why not show his long winded sociopath personality in all of its splendor? Why not show how much of a controlling bully he is? Who has he been personally attacking throughout his whole master plan?…Britt, Regan, Matt and Cathy!! Real hard (psychically…’cause that’s his M.O.) targets there, buddy. If CBS won’t show it…I’ll tell it. Call out Lane, Hayden or even Enzo…gutless. You would never.

Wins and awards aside…these are two unlikable people…even to some of their own family, apparently. Here’s a tip…if you feel the whole house is picking on you and you think they all hate you…they do…for great reason…and so does the rest of the viewing public…and it’s not only ‘cause you’re a “threat”…you’re a bag of dicks. Edit all you want CBS…we see what you see. There’s gotta be something in the water in Vegas (or maybe it’s the Meth)…anyone remember Amber? She thought America loved her too…yuck!! Get the feeds and BBAD…that’s Big Brother.

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