Sorry to post again so fast but I felt this is something worth mentioning.  Last night was a sight to see and I think it has been covered well.  This is some new info coming in as we speak.  Like many others have said, you REALLY should think about getting live feed action, there’s just too much going on.

The smoke has cleared a bit and I’m happy to report the following.  Russell and Michele are having an early morning civil chat.  Both are calm and level headed.  I really don’t want to write a ten-pager on it, so I’ll give you the cliff note version.  Things are being discussed and confusion is being addressed.  Those who think Jessie got away with one, don’t be so sure.  Russell DOES give second chances.  Michele is explaining herself alot better without Chima the Hyena.  Russell is making more sense of what he thought to be accurate and is looking open minded.  Michele told Russ, “This alliance can still work..”  He seems to think so too.  Russell said, convincingly, “If you(Michele), Jeff or Jordan don’t win HOH…I’m up.”  I think the guy knows he has a good thing going.  Jessie and Nat will be exposed soon.  We need to get Russell some yoga tapes so he calms himself down.  Vote for Jeff!!

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