As the game heats up and a possible game changing HOH competition a little more than a day away, you can start to feel a HUGE explosion is about to hit the BB house.

This week has had its share of soap opera moments…as old faces remind us why we like and dislike them…and new faces scramble just to be remembered.

I know for some, the golden key idea was pretty much a waste (it was). The duo thing…fizzled by the hands of the vets. Well, that’s all coming to an end now.

As Dominic gears up for departure, he has plans before that door slams behind him. Primary target…Shelly. Not sure why he doesn’t like her (playing a better game?) but he doesn’t. Talks of hiding her daughter’s keepsake and outing (not exactly sure what) her to the group seems to be something he’s contemplating. Considering that Shelly is solid with all the “real” vets (you know, the people winning stuff), I don’t know what type of reaction he thinks he is going to get (maybe more of Dani’s adoration). I’m mean…who’s really left to compete against the vets? More importantly, who can Danielle scrape together to bust up them up?

-Lawon (um, actions speaks louder than words? They all don’t trust him.)
-Kalia (seriously? Like…seriously…like…um…like. Jeff has your number.)
-Porsche (seems pretty veteran sided to me. Disposable)
-Adam (more vets than noobs but still a wild card)
-Shelly (noooo way. Curious to see what she would do with a HOH)

So basically, Lawon and Kalia (anyone else annoyed as hell with this girl…can’t even listen to her talk anymore). The good news is, Rachel and Brenden are still in the house…and even though they have dulled down the vomit meter this week…you KNOW it’s not gonna last. Sadly for the people out there ogling J/J, I feel their days are numbered. A sweet couple…yes. A Big Brother powerhouse…Jeff needed a Coup D’état for a reason.

This HOH will undoubtedly be the most exciting of the season. Regardless of how Dom chooses to go out, it’s all about winning those comps. Based on who the vets have to compete with…I don’t see them losing this week either…especially if it’s endurance. That reminds me…why does everyone think Danielle is the Endurance King? I know what she did on HER season…but this one isn’t “hers”.  Does she even train? Did she win the Tour De France? The Iron Man? I don’t get it.

Personalities are starting to come out and the BB house is beginning to get smaller and smaller. With golden keys getting ready to expire and partnerships being disbanded…the game is gonna get a whole lot juicer. I’m pulling for you Shelly.

I’d like to apologize to Adam. At first glance, I thought you were gonna be an issue for me. I was wrong. Stop trying so hard on the live show and tapped segments, though. You’re my second favorite next to Shelly.

Bring on the HOH comp!!!

Update:  Approx 1:00BBT  There is a big fight going on involving the majority of the house.  Lots of lying, being called out and playing both sides.  That didn’t take long.  Told ya it was coming.  This is why you have the feeds!!

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