It’s been a while since my last post and with the season finale a week away; I’ve decided to pick this point to make this my final post. A large reason for my silence was Kalia. I can’t stand a thing about her. To put it mildly, I’ll just say she sucks.

One thing that always bothered me about past HGs, when a person would stand up and take credit for the ENITRE game claiming big moves, competitors, blah, blah blah…like Kalia, winning only two competitions. It’s mind-numbingly ridiculous to watch someone like that, in power for a fraction of the game, up in the HOH room playing with stupid color chips, planning the whole game out like that single victory just won them 500k. You ever notice how the self-proclaimed “masterminds” are the first ones to blame others for their demise? Thankfully, and along with a dose of reality, these contestants almost never win the game and are only remembered as the fools they are and nothing else.

Kalia, I’m ecstatic to see you go and look forward to never seeing you again. Make sure you make the most out of your finale night appearance. Based on your reception from the crowd and JC post-eviction, they got you out of there as fast as they could…enough said.

On with the show. So Adam is HOH and going to the final 3 along with Porsche who has won the most important POV. Rachel turned normal (always gotta put a “for now” with that) and Jordan is blankly staring at something as we speak…I’m sure.

Not the final 4 I imagined but better than last year by a mile. At this point, everyone has played their hands and only 2 of the 4 deserve to be seated in the finals. You know who they are and one of the names is really, really hard for me to say. Ok…it’s Adam and Rachel. Keeping in mind…that out of the FOUR choices you have left…they deserve to be the winners. I’ll say it…Rachel…um…impressed me. Adam…you could have won more…but I think your social game stayed strong. I want to add that I haven’t seen a game played with that much integrity in a loooong time.

Porsche and Jordan. Jordan I think you’re nice…uh…I think you’re nice. Porsche…don’t care…a travesty if you win any money what so ever…don’t care what comps, if any, you win at the end…no respect. After Jordan leaves (as it seems to be the consensus), Porsche has been the most useless in the game. Can you say flashback of season 11 with Jordan and Natalie? I can’t imagine anyone, other than Danielle and Kalia, voting for Porsche to win. If Porsche was smart (rhetorical), her ONLY chance of winning would be sitting next to Jordan…yet it looks like she’s voting her out. Like I said, smart.

Depending on who is sitting at the end…the jury house is gonna be tricky. I still maintain that Adam is in the best position to win the game. Based on what obvious tension we have been shown…I’m betting that decisions coming from the jury house aren’t gonna be based totally on game play, either.

In closing, I throw this out to the producers of the show. Don’t over think next season. Give us 12-14 all new Big Brother fans that want to WIN the game. One general suggestion I would like to offer to combat with the ever rising floater/comp throwers making it to the end… FOR THE FIRST 7 HOH COMPETITIONS -make the last place contestant in the HOH competition automatically one of the nominees for eviction. Make POV competitions household wide and do the same thing. POV could still be used on a nominee, either by their own victory or by someone else using it on them. If used, the last place POV player would take their spot as the replacement nominee. In the event one of the nominees wins POV, and uses it on the other, and that same person on the block came in last place in the POV, the person who came in second to last would be the new automatic nominee. It would be a whole new game. No more floating…no more throwing comps. HOH would have less control than in past seasons but they would still pick an initial “main target” nominee. The same chance of going home would apply…gotta win to stay. One thing is for sure, whoever is left after the first 7 HOH comps…would deserve to be there. Try it on for size. I hope this post finds you.

Goodbye to all. Thanks for all the awesome insight and comments. I’ll see you same time next year. Enjoy the rest of the show!!

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