Great insight and reporting going on out there.  Thanks for the shout out, Janet.  The house is a crazy whirlwind of non-stop goodness.  There is no way CBS can edit this fast enough to give you the full deal.  That’s where we try to help. 


Let’s start with a little Ronnie.  I really don’t like writing about him in detail, or at all for that matter, because I feel that is what he wants.  Attention.  To be remembered.

As previously stated, he is a desperate man doing desperate things to try to leave his mark on BB history…while being robotically controlled by Natalie and Jessie.  He WILL be forgotten.  The tantrums, the lying, the delusional BB ego trip he is on, is now over.  You could see in his face last night that he is a defeated man.  He is only grandstanding for the cameras at this point in hopes of being asked back for his precious All Stars 2…and to be remembered, again.   I am CERTAIN he does not have the “mystery” power…and if he does…you will never hear from me again.  I’m not really worried though, he WILL be forgotten…just like every other imitator of seasons past.  Can’t wait ‘till you read all these message boards and comments you want SO bad, Ron!…maybe you will learn something.  Not likely.  Please remember these words, “You were nothing without a supporting cast of people trying to protect you for THEIR own good.  You weren’t the man on an island fighting the good fight.  You HAD to…NEEDED to… have protection from others to formulate your ‘strategy’, that you hold so dear.  You’re no Jeff.  You’re no Russell.  You’re no Michele.  Good or bad…they are playing the game on THEIR terms without assistance.  They took the heat…they won when it mattered.  And they outlasted you.  Sit on it, Potsy.”  There’s MY farewell tape.  Feel free to save it to your desktop. 

Sorry about that guys, just needed to get that off my chest.  Let’s talk about the new.  Tonight is big.  Real big.  HOH.  The most important?  I think so.  We are all thinking Jeff has a little extra (mystery power) coming in to this week, with the help of us.  Let’s hope that’s true.  This will be interesting to see if it will be used.  Allow me to explain.  I believe he or Jordan need to flat out win HOH.  Even with having the MP.  Hear me out.  If either wins, and puts Jessie and Nat up,  and they stay up, and one leaves, and the power is never used, and they don’t admit to ever having it, there will be other’s assuming they did, but it will go unconfirmed and thus, create even MORE paranoia between the survivors of the NBK clan.  Could you imagine Jessie being voted out, Nat staying, and thinking Chima had the mystery power and never used it on her allies?  It’s a possible scenario to create.  And it’s interchangeable with other threats to Jeff and Jordan.  That’s just one of my personal favs.  Either way, I believe they need to outlast every last defined member of the NBK clan to achieve a true shake up and have complete control. 


This week is gonna be nuts.  Tonight is gonna be nuts.  Jeff HAS to have the mystery power…he just HAS to.  The way he was talking to Jordan last night, REALLY makes me think he does.  Regardless, of WHO wins HOH tonight, expect more blow ups…more power moves…and more BB awesomeness!!!   

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