The nominations are in and let the fun begin!  Russell and Lydia are the ones’ sweating this week.  Well, I was 1-1 on that, I’ll take it.  Can’t be right ALL the time (j.k.).  Let’s talk!    


Jeff is already out there laying down the groundwork to get Jessie out of the house.  I’m not gonna gloat and say, “I told ya!”  But….I TOLD YA! (kidding)  He is working Russell pretty good.  Telling him everything but, “listen dude, I have the power, do what I want, and we’ll go from there”.  And still doing it in his, “I’m harmless”, kind of way.  This makes me smile.  Kevin will most certainly vote Jessie out.  He is not dumb either.  Regardless of how many times Lydiot gives Jessie a “midnight cruise”…it’s J/J/K/R voting Jessie out ‘da door!  I really hope Chima also wins POV to make this even better.


To those saying Jeff got a hand-out for getting the CDT…make sure you say the same for Jessie who got to play the WHOLE game…AGAIN.  BB has always had America’s Choice for the most part.  The catch phrase has always been “expect the unexpected”.  Don’t be so hasty.  You sound plain dumb and don’t offer a thought provoking counter-argument.  Before you respond and try to sound witty…tell me who you want to win and why?  Honestly…don’t even respond.  You obviously haven’t watched the seasons.  I can’t fault you if you just tuned in.  The ones who write this stuff are pros…we’ve put the time in…TRUST US! 


Is Jeff REALLY dumb? Or has he played the perfect game so far?  Let’s see.  He’s created JUST enough tension straying from the athletes clan to become just enough of a target to not be labeled a floater, then won the veto when he needed his own guarantee, took his minority in stride,  thought positive, laid low, then charmed the pants off of MOST of us to give him a well deserved reward.  AND HE DOESN”T NEED TO LIE!  He even got clowned for winning the veto and taking himself off the block.  How much more proof do you need?   To dually win the veto and STILL not be looked at as a threat?  To this day, no one is talking putting him up…NO ONE.  The kid knows what he wants to do…and he’s gonna get it done.  Say bye to Jessie…Jessie fans!!  And give Jeff some props.  Now, if I could just quit smoking…I’d be perfect (j.k.LOL).  The DOCTOR is in!!!


Post Script-  My dream scenario—An endurance POV comp with Jessie, Jeff and Russ. Jessie gets out first.  And blames it on 8,674 different reasons why he got out.  THAT would be the ultimate digital icing on my virtual cake!! 

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