The results are in. Nominations stay as is. Even though it felt like right up to the last minute it could have gone either way, the foursome of Jeff, Jordan, Brenden and Rachel seem to be intact…until the next HOH comp.

Either Dominic or Adam will be sent home Thursday. If this was less than 6 hours ago, I would have told you Dominic is a lock to leave. As Danielle huffed and puffed to B/R, she seemed to get to Rachel once again. As she took a play out of her dad’s playbook, she is hell bent on threats, ultimatums and unprovoked personal attacks to further herself in the game and keep Dominic. It doesn’t matter if she is HOH or not…she wants what she wants! We’ve seen this trick before. Make the whole house hate you and coast as the public enemy no one can take down…then somehow wind up winning the respect and money from your cast mates. Is this cast smarter than that…the jury is still out?

The thing about Danielle is that she hasn’t needed to put her neck out. Somehow, she thought slamming Jeff and Jordan to people was going to win her support. She didn’t need to align herself with Dom when she already had a solid alliance (who is winning everything). She didn’t need to focus on breaking that up yet. Better to see who can actually consistently win comps…then make the move toward another strong, non-alliance member, to help your cause.

As she continues to tell everyone how she got the shaft with the departure of her father (she got a free pass for a month)… and how B/R “made” her befriend Dominic (who’s buying that?), who now want him out (due to her obvious allegiance to him), I’m sure she’ll find some new people to blame for her own mistakes. After all…”IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!! (Cue the crocodile tears)

Some of these folks need to join the military and learn some basic human respect. The immaturity oozes from the walls of this house.

I remember Danielle well from her season. She won some crucial comps. She was and is also extremely immature and stubborn for her age. She also received a great deal of emotional and game related support from her father…and Nick when he was around. I’m sure she doesn’t care about winning fans (as you can tell). Will she get her way and save Dominic so she has someone to color with and play “Would you rather”? (Dumbest thing ever BTW) My money says if Dom leaves…she folds and spends her days curled up in a bed.

One thing is for sure…it’s going to be a looong 4 days till Eviction Night. No one plays the victim better than Danielle.

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