As the television continues making the (justified) spectacle out of last season’s most annoying duo in the history of Big Brother…there is actually signs of some new fireworks and game play on the horizon…and it’s all led by the offspring of one infamous past HG.

Danielle is waging her own personal war against America’s favorite couple. Where it all came from? I have re-watched the feeds…and I really don’t know. Somewhere along the way, since Rachel won HOH and Brenden POV, Danielle has had one thing on her mind…convincing Rachel to have Brenden use the veto and backdoor Jeff and Jordan, sending Jeff packing.

Is this something that probably needs to go down for her to win? Yes. Is it smart to do NOW? Not really. For a minute it looked like it was actually going to go down but Danielle forgot one major thing…Rachel, but more importantly Brenden, actually trust Jeff and Jordan more than her. Even more important, Shelly, who everyone likes and who is playing the best game IMO, has come to bat for J/J basically destroying Danielle’s plan in one quick swoop. Shelly, a solid ally of J/J, took it upon herself to set the record straight with Rachel and Brenden explaining all the lies spewing from Danielle. It didn’t take long (even for them) to see Danielle had totally jeopardized her former alliance.

With Dominic on the block, Danielle’s strongest companion of the newbies is now destined for an early meeting with Julie Chen Thursday. Considering they have the second dumbest conversations in the house…I don’t mind seeing half of that pair split up.

The big question is…when this all begins to unfold later today, and the veto is NOT used…are we gonna see the Dani I remember from her season (It’s not fair, it’s not fair…Oh, Big Brother…I’m sick of this…Daddy take me to the end…) or is she gonna strap on her “Evel” tee shirt and bounce back? The odds are against her regardless. With her snuggle buddy slated to hit the door and no one else really backing her plans…we are gonna see just how tough she turns out to be.

Someone else needs to win HOH other than J/J or B/R. Now that everyone can be a target…and actually PLAY the game…I’m hoping for better out of this cast. Not a lot of people to root for so far.

As of right this second…the veto has no chance of being used. I will update the Veto results as soon as they are available. I hope I don’t eat my words…you know quick things can change around here.

Update:  2:30 p.m. EST – After a brief round of Dani in Rachel’s head, now Rachel is having doubts about Shelly.  With just a short time until the POV ceremony, there’s a straight hurricane flying around the BB house.  Stay tuned!!

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