Ummm, Hi.  How’s everybody doing out there?  Looks like there has been some stuff happening.  Sorry I haven’t been around.  I was producing/recording a little music endeavor I’ve been working on.  Oh ya,  (free plug…why not?).  I’m glad I was able to break because I had a feeling this week would be sketchy.


Boy, did it come at a perfect time too.  With the things I have seen, heard and read about the BB house this week, I most likely, would have thrown my t.v., computer and iphone out the window.  I’m not caught up completely, but I think I can piece it together.  Killer, you pretty much nailed every point.  Someone looked the gift horse in the mouth and it wasn’t Russell…it was Mr. Stupid.  I’m not gonna tell you who Mr. Stupid is, or Ms. Carolina Clueless, ‘cause I think this is a smart enough bunch. 


Let’s talk about Mr. Stupid.  I mean, what else would YOU call him?  It’s short…to the point…and is a perfect descriptive surname.  I’m not gonna repeat everything that Killer said.  I suggest reading his blog to remind yourself what Russell did for Mr. Stupid.  All is accurate…and true.  I will only add this.  For a guy trying to win 500k, and doesn’t like rocking the boat, he is off the reservation. 


As in my previous post, I stated that this week would tell me everything I needed to know about Mr. Stupid.  Well, now I know…he’s stupid.  As dumb as I thought, given a gift from America, barely saved himself from getting the boot and doesn’t know a good thing when he has it.  I never stated I was team Mr. Stupid.  I was certainly never team Ms. Carolina Clueless.  I DID want him to win the CDT simply out of necessity of a larger, more personally annoying, threat in the house.  As I said before, I wasn’t sold on him.  When you have a cast like this, your options for winners are slim.  So what problems lay ahead for Mr. Stupid?  I’m glad you asked.


Well, let’s see.  You’re the number one target of all remaining HG’s minus Clueless.  Not good.  Can’t play HOH.  Not good.  Thinking you’re not the target.  Not good.  Getting wrapped up with Clueless from the start.  Not good.  Pissing off Michele (the smartest player left).  Not good.  Trusting Nat and Kevin.  Not good.  Lastly, being STOOPID!!  Not good.  So Mr. Stupid, you have certainly sealed your fate for runner up at best.  You have given the power to the other side of the house, made me eat my words about K/N making it to f2 and will soon realize the error of your ways.  You have joined the ranks of everyone else who has played the game before you.  This goes to show you that lying, swearing and breaking your word are as easy as breathing in the BB house.  I’m not mad about that.  I’m mad because you’re stupid.  REALLY stupid.  You did get cunning, though.  I did say I wanted to see it.  You just got cunning to the wrong people and at the worst time.  I hope for your sake you don’t see the JH, but if you do, then I hope Russell has had time to forgive and forget, because if not, you might have some epic problems coming your way. 


O.k.  That is outta the way.  That was longer than I expected.  Moving on.  Russell’s biggest mistake was the Jessie vote.  Period.  If not for the Jessie vote, I KNOW, we would have a different game.  Well, whose fault is that.  Not mine.  Not Yours.  Russell’s.  The acting up with the POV news doesn’t help the cause either.  Very Chima-esque and reminiscent of when you went after Mr. Stupid early in the game.  These, “half-real/ half-fake” fights Russell’s had with Ronnie, Jessie, “that girl” and Mr. Stupid have worn thin on me.  Only thing I agree with that Mr. Stupid said, Russell is a sore loser.  Like I said, best way to guarantee yourself another week in the BB house, WIN THE COMP!!  He had the chance.  He lost.  Game over.  Your fault.  Wouldn’t call it a BD, either.  You knew you ran the risk of being a replacement nom.  Let it go.  Sorry Russ, I wanted you to go the distance.  At least I have my back up Michele still in there.  You still have 2 ½ days to swing 2 votes your way, Russ.  Stranger things have happened.  We’ll have to wait and see on that long shot.  Cue the daydreaming.


I’ll touch on the rest of the HG’s briefly.  Clueless…I want her gone.  I wanted her gone a long time ago.  The sweet act is just that, an act…and she ain’t so sweet no more.  Cue the banjo.  Michele…you’re playing the game with true strategy I believe.  I hope you can win the comps and make the right moves (which might include taking Nat or Kevin to the end…yuck!).  Nat…your plan worked…waaaaaay better than you expected.  Don’t get too cocky, though…it was the Jessie vote that did Russell in…oh ya…and Mr. Stupid being so stupid.  Nat and Kevin haven’t done anything other than lie and won a POV which didn’t get used.  Until power is in either of their hands, who knows how they are thinking.  I can say I don’t respect the game play or lack there of, but kudos on the lie panning out so well.  SO WELL in fact, you can probably do it again next week if need be, and Mr. Stupid & Ms. Carolina Clueless will be right there to do your bidding again. 


As I wrap this up, here is my wish list.  Russ stays, anyone but Clueless wins HOH, Stupid and Clueless go on the block and Clueless goes home.     


Little side note.  It might not be so dumb for Kevin and Michele to save Russell.  They can then have a 3-2 majority and work on getting out Stupid and Clueless.  Keeping Russ would be Kev/Mich best chance at the 500k, IMO.  I’m still saying they should look at Russell as a lock for final 2.  No one leaving to, or in, the JH is gonna give Russell 500k.  Even more so now.  Russell is the “gimmie my 500k” card in everyone’s pocket.  Is this not being looked at?  Gotta roll the dice and hope you’re the one sitting next to him.  Mac…out. What’s everyone else thinking?

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