Lots of new information coming down the pipe starting with some great news about Michele.  In an effort to really walk the walk, she showed a true allegiance to the Jeff, Jordan, Russel group.  The POV ceremony is over and everyone’s favorite HG (kidding of course) is still on the block. 

That’s the good news.  Now for the bad.  It seems Russell is having a hard time with the HOH and the “Mystery” power.  The rumors of his paranoia, mostly spread by mouthpieces Chima and Lydia, do have some (very little)truth to it.  He confessed to Jeff last night how crazy this game really is.  Jeff did his best to calm him down, but I’m assuming at some point he might completely unravel.  Hopefully, he won’t lose it until he has served his part. 

Other things to mention.  Natalie continues to prove her uselessness to me.  She just told Chima (of all people) that she is really 24.  Apparently to let Chima know, that outside of Jessie and Ronnie, she is the only other person she can trust.  I’m pretty sure confessing to Chima that you have lied about your age isn’t gonna turn out to be a positive, but that’s just me.  I give Chima 2-3 days max before the whole house knows about Nat’s age.

I know it’s only week 4, but I thought it prudent to play out a scenario.  After Ronnie leaves (fingers crossed, rubbing rabbit’s foot), some of the mouthpieces need to go packing.  I know Jessie is a favorite to go next but Chima and Lydia are the main contributors to the wild rumors and distortions of the BB house,not including Ronnie.  Even with Ronnie gone, Chima and Lydia can do the same kind of damage.  And they will.  Does anyone else see this? 

I never once entertained the thought that Jessie had what it took to win Big Brother.  Not this season.  Not last season.  He is more of a nuisance than anything.  Do you see what slop and lack of a comfy bed do to this guy?  He’s STILL talking about how Jeff should be on slop.  Head to head.  Psychical or mental, I have my money on the Jeff/Russel combo to take him down.  I know Jessie loves to talk about his BB achievements but let us reiterate.  He was given his first HOH, and caught a lucky bounce to win the other.  I have seen zero signs of his self-proclaimed intelligence.  EVERYONE in the house knows who he wants out and in what order.  That’s really good game play,not.  Either way, his time is limited and I think he knows it, again.

The Jeff, Jordan, Russel, Michele alliance really have a good shot to keep this game going in the right direction.  As long as the Coup d’Etat is used wisely, I think we are gonna see some major headaches of the house packing very soon.  Watch out for Lydia and Chima.  By the way, Ronnie said he is going out with “class” if evicted.  He’s gonna yell “Booyah” when Julie calls his name.  I guess that’s classy?  One other thing to add about Ronnie.  He has repeatedly mentioned he has 3 questions for his wife when he gets out…

1.  Is he still employable within his profession?  No

2.  How was his CBS edit?  The worst  contestant in BB history.  And most accurate.

3.  What did the people on the message boards say about him?  If I was his wife, I wouldn’t let him near a computer…or anything sharp.

Bye Ronnie.  Oh ya, still vote for Jeff!!!

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