And so it begins…I know at this point it is pure speculation, but in the late hours of BB last night there was a lengthy segment between Janelle and Britney practically strategizing their entire game play around the mentors turning into full fledged HGs by week 3. At this point, it’s not clear who is pumping them with this information or if it is just a ploy from another to create chaos.

It stands to reason that BB wouldn’t keep this mentor thing the whole season, and to the newbies of the house, they at least have to assume that the game will not play out as-is for the duration. This leads to some confusion. Where will it go from here and when will it happen? Is BB gonna re-apply the same type of formulaic recipe as last year? Will this year’s newbies get a clue and team up, if so? Are Janelle and Britney making a huge tactical mistake, again? How and when does a mentor leave when there is no one left to coach? We will see.

I did find it quite entertaining to watch Janelle and Britney go on about how annoying Ian (who is a dead ringer for Jay Baruchel by the way) and other newbies of the house are. Apparently they don’t like others (than themselves of course) jockeying for extra airtime by doing outlandish things to get the camera to pan to them. This is Janelle’s third trip to BB…and Britney’s second. Yep, neither one of you care about airtime. Even funnier than that, Britney talking about Ashley’s political incorrectness…’cause she was so polite and smart on her season. It is clearly evident from this season that Britney has all but looked directly into the camera and asked the world not to judge her from her season. Do you believe it? God knows she thinks she is an expert on all things BB now. Now I remember why looks can only take you so far. Humble pie anyone?

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