We’ve watched.  We’ve studied.  We’ve commented, chimed in and screamed from the top of our lungs.  We have cheered and cursed.  We have watched good people go, bad ones stay and watched it all work out in the end.  We’ve wanted the control.  We’ve wanted to be there.  In the spirit of Big Brother, and the winners and losers of past and playing, let’s play a little game. 

Inside the house, people seem to get targeted right from the jump.  More to the point judged.  Most on appearence at first…then the knowledge…then what you say or don’t say and who you team up with.  But, can there be a BB formula? 

I’m sure alot of you may say, “but MD, you would have to play the people and react or not accordingly.  Expect the unexpected etc.”  And I would most likely agree.  This is meant to be a fun exercise to see if you think YOU would be able to hang in the BB house.  Of course until you’re there, who really knows? 

Personally, I am very tall.  I smoke.  I don’t sleep much.  I laugh a great deal.  Talk fast.  Have an extended vocabulary.  Logical.  Have a hard time biting my tongue.  Married.  Not at all religious.  In my opinion, I know I would need to change some behavior to last in the BB house.  Would I go quick in the BB house?  Or would I be able to make a run for it?  What would I change or tell people if I could?

How ’bout you?  How would you build your ULTIMATE houseguest?  Short? Tall?  Muscle?  Lean?  Bald?  Hairy?  Old?  Young?  Smoke?  Intelligent?  Gay?  Straight?  Bi?  Black? White? Clueless?  Outspoken?  Humble?  Male?  Female?  Single?  Married? Etc….I think they all come in to play.

What do you think?  Would you turn it on for the cameras…or stay true? 

Shout out to BBC in the D.

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