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  1. flyonthewall
    Jul 14 - 2:14 pm

    I can see both side of the argument on the “gay” discussion. I am not against gay guys or lesbian females. I consider them to be living the lifestyle of their choice. this day and time it would not be a good idea to place gay/lesbian characters in childrens books (if that is the case). There are toooo many pedifiles walking around just waiting for a chance to grab somebody’s child. Please note that “I did not say” that homeosexuals were pedifiles. But the two words are often linked together like it or not. I also realize that same sex couples are having or adopting children. Any straight or gay family is gonna put the safety of their kids first. Should my child have a gay/lesbian teacher I would prefer it be in the childs teen years. I just don’t see explaining to a 6 year old why his male teacher has a boyfriend instead of a wife or girlfriend or vice versa for a female. I think an older child would better understand the concept of “human nature” (better choice of words??). Hope this makes sense…

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