Jeff fans rejoice.  We have a new HoH, but it is probably gonna cause more problems for the final 4 of J/J/R/M.  There was much buzz about this…this week.  Jeff/Jordan wake up!  What are you doing?  Natalie is lying!!  Why don’t you see it? Etc…


Russell stayed.  Lydia left.  That was good (to me).  Not only did Russell stay, but voted how Jeff/Jordan wanted him to (this time).  Surprisingly, Kevin wanted to bounce Natalie…or was it the makings of another lie geared toward Russell to ensure him packing this week?  That is my initial guess.  I know he was BBF’s with Lydia, but Kevin tends to vote out people he sees as personal threats.  He was the only one smart enough to know Natalie’s capabilities.  Clap to you Kevin.  Russell is the lamb…Kevin jumps into Russell’s spot.  Kev knows Russ is after him.  Hello new final 4.    I’ll buy it.  Example, Kev to Jeff, “it wasn’t me who voted Nat..Russ voted out Nat…he’s doing it again…”Sounds like one of the only moves left for Kev to play.  Even with the sole hug to Lydia, and Russ saying he voted to keep Nat…the spin can still happen.  We’ve seen it before.  That’s how dumb they (sorry J/J fans) are playing in my opinion.   


Funny/Sad events to come this week, I think.  Does Kevin turn on Natalie to secure himself another week?  Does he blast Natalie wide open to Jeff about the lies?  Credibility is gonna be on the line for both Nat and Kev.  Jeff doesn’t think Kev lies…and Jord doesn’t think Nat lies.  They both think, and have caught, Mich and Russ IN lies…so what to do?  Is the memory span that short in the BB house?  Is Jeff thinking 1 down, 2 to go…or time to boot Russell or Michele?  Is he gonna give Russell or Michele the chance to fight if so?  Out with Michele and Russell…in with Kevin and Natalie?  Does Jeff remember he was responsible for taking out Natalie’s best boy and messed with her game? 


We know Jeff didn’t remember THAT this week, but it was Jordan’s HoH.  Will his HoH be swayed as well?  This week will tell me everything I need to know about the “guy’s guy” and “girl’s guy” we all liked named, Jeff.  Is he a smart BB player…or just a good looking, endearing guy who’s kinda rough around the edges…wrapped up with a likeable, charming, younger gal and just taking this all in as best he can?  Or is he winning when he needs to…to dictate where he wants the game to go?  I’m not sold on either side personally.  I liked him initially ‘cause he’s the “humble winner” type, and kinda goofy like me.  That’s just me.  He showed some honor and respect to the people he is playing this game with and cracks me up with “Coop De, What?” type humor.  I really want him to emerge as a man in control, knowing this is just a game, and a chance to win 500k, and get a little cunning by his own right (hint: ditch Jordan..she’s smart, and this isn’t The Notebook). 


I like Russell too.  I think he is somewhat sincere when he apologizes after one of his blow ups.  He may have done too much damage to recover from his previous actions.  In addition, I think the entire house knows his style of game play and it’s hard to tell from who he REALLY is.  Not an advantage for Russ.  You can’t say “I swear”, then say, “I SWEAR”, and expect people in a BB house to know when your telling the truth.  Plus, you didn’t set yourself up to be a “predictable” player.  You just need to win comps at this point.


Michele.  The smartest “BB wise” still standing.  You had me fooled initially.  I thought you were quirky and non-confrontational by design.  A total non-threat who was “lucky” to win everything.  Good plan.  Until people talked to you about game and pressed you a bit.  Then, a fidgety, nervous persona arose.  Shoulda kept the PhD under wraps.  That doesn’t go unnoticed. 


Nat….you’re good at lying…lying down in EVERY competition.  Kevin…you’re good at making people believe other people’s lies.  That’s all you get from me today. 


To me, this week is REALLY gonna show the metal.  What’s your take guys and dolls? 


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