Nominations mean EVERYTHING this week!!  EVERYTHING!  Anyone else watch that HOH comp?  Wow, talk about drawing lines in the sand.   Both sides kept Michele out of it.  Only by default did she play.  Smart move, both sides.     


That being said, Michele is gonna have to show some cards.  This will put to bed a lot of speculation about her.  I’ve been curious of her intentions since day one.  Casey called her a “nut”, but is she?  Well, it’s safe to say that she is the most valued commodity in the BB house thus far.  I hope she has Wet Naps for the ass kissing coming her way. 


Real quick.  CBS sucks!!!  I know you edited this show, BAD!  I could tell from the faces.  Way to lose control.  Ya, we still watched, but you SUCK!!  Nice try saying it was ‘cause of the CDT.  We’re not dumb here.  It was in play last week…and we had a live show.  Suck It!! 


I gotta give credit where credit is due. Other than the, “I’m dreaming thinking I’m gonna be the next 5’ 8” WWE reality show wrestling star” bit, Jessie DID go out with a little class.  Thanks for the surprise, Jessie.  You also just might have killed 2 HG’s in the process…Natalie and Lydia.  “Who am I supposed to bang now?”  Cue the melodrama.   


Oh, Michele.  It’s do or die time.  I’d like to think from living with you, that you are on the J/J side.  I REALLY do believe you are not a Russell fan…or did you fool me?  My picks for you?  Draw the line even deeper.  Nat and Lydia on the block.  Insert Chima with the veto.  Chima goes (to Hell forever).  J/J/R wins HOH.  Nat or Lydiot pack the following week.  That’s just me.


Keep in mind, at this point, final two thinking should come in to play.  With the J/J/R clan the minority in the JH, and out in the open, you’re gonna NEED to keep one around to win the $ for sure.  On the flip side, the J/J/R clan should be even tighter ‘cause the only way to win, will be by taking each other to the end.  That’s just me, again.    


Nominations will tell the tale of Michele, no doubt. Another good week coming our way.  Thanks again crazy people for making dumb TV so personally involving and tasty.  I still hate you CBS!!      

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