Editor’s Note:  Looks like a new HOH comp is in the works and clothes of “her” have been packed.  4:21pm.est

This is a kind of a funny thing to be talking about. I actually have to mention something about color. Not the kind you may think, though.  We all know at this point that a “certain someone” is off the BB premises but is “so and so” actually out of the game?  To this point at 3:03p.m.est, Aug. 15, 2009, we still do not know.  We just know “you know who” is not in the house.  The picture on the wall might scare some of you.  It is still color. 


No doubt CBS has been getting slammed by people like me and people like you for losing control of Big Brother.  This has been the most bizarre season as Killer, Janet and many other long time viewers have stated.  Most of us were at our breaking point watching the horrors going on in the BB house.  A total disregard for what the show is all about.  More importantly, a slap in the face to the dedicated viewers, bloggers, fans and would-be contestants.  WE are the reason the show has the following it does.  WE keep each other informed and glued to the feeds.  If ANYONE has been wronged in all this, it’s US. 


I’m not gonna beat a dead horse, but as Killer K said, hopefully BB has learned something from all this. 


As of right now, the jury is still out.  The show is currently off schedule from its normal POV regiment at this point.  No HGs really know what is going on.  There has not been any solid evidence to say that “that girl” is gone forever or not.  With CBS and Viacom (the same producers of classy shows like Real World 72, etc.), I’m not yet convinced we are out of the woods just yet.  In addition, from what I have gathered, there has also NOT been an attempt to pack “her” belongings and remove them from the BB house.  “Her” picture on the wall of HGs, is still in full color. 


This is one I’d LOVE to be wrong about.  I’m nervous.  That’s just me.  Hopefully news will break shortly, and I can put my fears to rest.  I will update on this blog when I have solid confirmation.  Keep the faith.    

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