First off, I’d like to give a big thanks to all the posters out there who were hiding in the darkness feeling my pain about this season. Matt, Cat, Lori and everyone (don’t hate me if I didn’t mention you by name) else who made last season so fun and enjoyable…I’m glad to see this season of BB hasn’t completely knocked you off your tracks. Sorry it took me so long to respond and give all you guys your deserved shout outs. Let’s move on with the show.

If you’re just tuning in, Brittany has not used the POV, and either Hayden or The Spider Eater are poised to go packing…much to the chagrin of The Spider Eyelash Queen.

Before we talk strategy, the “good” people, the “bad” people, the “floaters”, the “game players”, jury votes, and the return of the Saboteur…let’s just make a few historical Big Brother observations, shall we?

If you think America loves you…count on the exact opposite. If you think your speech tonight is gonna be “epic”…it isn’t. If you think you will be called back for All-Stars…you’re not even on the radar. If you think he/she loves you…he/she doesn’t. If you think you just made the biggest move in the game…you most likely just shot yourself in the foot. If you tell yourself you have to win HOH/POV this week…you’ll probably be the first one out. If you think you are going to carve out your own slice of BB history…chances are you won’t even see the jury house. Houseguests…if you wonder any of these things when you go to bed at night…YOU ARE NOT WINNING BIG BROTHER!! Oh, and you’re not gonna be a movie star, model, spokesperson or musician either. I could go on…but you get the point.

O.k., so…I’m actually really happy to be posting right now, and no, not because of the “Return of the Saboteur” (cue the one guy in the back clapping). I am happy because I’m mad. Congrats to you Super Stripper!! You did it!! You finally pushed me to the point of yelling at the feeds and wanting bad things to happen to you. Please, before any of you (and last I checked there were 4) tell me she is the only one “playing the game”, allow me to finish.

Alright, this season is still a joke….more to the point…it’s compounded by a useless group called the “brigade”, the ugliest couple I’ve ever had the displeasure of witnessing have coitus and many other passive wind bags. Seriously, a group of 4 people each with a supposed strong suit, that, when combined, makes the “unstoppable” Big Brother alliance of the century? Matt winning HOH?…more like Regan giving him HOH. They should have named themselves “The 4 Votes” ‘cause that’s all they are. No one knows about these guys? Don’t be so sure.

Back to the stripper. What can I say, she’s just got to go. Power trip, self indulgent, cry baby schizophrenic. Delusional, self absorbed, one of a kind jackass. I’ve never been so personally aggravated by the mere look of someone’s face. Add to that the laugh (oh God, that LAUGH), the “like” like how many times in a minute she “like” says like, and her self proclaimed battle her and “her man” have had to go through. Let’s also throw in there the amount of times she incessantly whines to people about how tough it is to be her and what a target she has on her back (now that’s smart game play). Enough with this thing.

I’m hoping for a miracle this week and unfortunately it may be in the hands of a group of guys that think they are SO good…that they can’t seem to win anything…and when they do, they put up two of the easiest people to get out of the house. My vote is for Brittany to win HOH this week and smash this “power couple” in to dust. It would be even sweeter now…knowing that the stripper and the robot think she is on their side.

For now, one can only dream…that’s all for now.

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