First off, I’d like to congratulate Jordan on winning the current HOH.  Well done kiddo.  Maybe some of these posters will cut you some slack.  Enjoy it!


O.K., on to the reason I’m typing at 2:00a.m.  I wasn’t gonna talk about “her” any more once I knew she was gone for sure.  Until, Cat brought to my attention “her” exit interview with the Examiner.  I was curious to hear the truth or at least “her” side of it.  I wanted to understand what “her” thinking was in all this.  Obviously from the interview, “she” had time to read a little about herself and how “she” was REALIZED…not perceived.  THE SHOW IS ON 24/7!!!  How can you sit and say we don’t know?  I watched you.  We heard EVERYTHING you said.  You offer NO apologies to anyone?  Do you take NO blame in all this?  Here’s your wake up call.


The “microphone thing”…semantics.  I understand the CDT has disturbed you, to the point of quitting, or what ever really happened, but you think you are something you are not.  We’ve been watching you since day one.  It’s time for tough love.  You are NOT the only person to rise from tragedy.    You are NOT the only black woman.  You are NOT the voice of a generation.  You are NOT any kind of role model.  You are NOT good TV.  It’s NOT about BB.  It’s NOT about ratings and CBS for you.  You are a person with no consideration for the world you live in and the people you coexist with.  You are NOT outspoken.  To be alone in your principals is one thing, to throw everything out the window and attack race, gender and demographics in ANY environment is a walking contradiction to everything you think you stand for.


Your ONLY scapegoat is that, until you’ve been in the BB house….don’t talk to you.  Fair enough.  I haven’t been there.  You got me there.  I guess it doesn’t count when you’re drunk either, in your eyes.  Chima, you weren’t edited!!  The great appeal from the BB show, that you now despise, is that we CAN watch you ALL DAY AND NIGHT….UNCENSORED!!!  We heard.  We saw. 


I’m begging you to reflect on this as a positive.  Don’t be the “bitter banana” you were making fun of a few weeks ago when things were going your way, and be a better person from all this.  Say you were “LABELED” or “EDITED” all you want.  A STRONG person ALWAYS finds a way to succeed intact.  You didn’t.  It didn’t go your way…you bailed.  Take your 15 minutes and be humble.  Apologize to the people you DO care about.  Say sorry for some of the things you said.  The country you live in just may be forgiving. 


I was never a Jessie fan in the sense of BB.  I don’t think I’d ever hang out with him in real life, but he respected the show.  And lived by his own code, regardless.  His faults, in my opinion, are more career driven, and I DO believe he was there to win.  I can put away my own beliefs and say that’s admirable.  He might have won the whole thing if the CDT didn’t come in to play.  But it’s hindsight.  Things don’t always go your way in life or the BB house.  Maybe that’s the point.  Maybe it’s time to shine and rise above.  You NEVER showed that, Chima.  Not one bit.  THAT is REAL strength.  REAL conviction.  And it’s the backbone of TRUE inspiration, perseverance and change.  Throw $5.00 words around all you like.  Go get some help, girl.    



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