At this point in the game, I think the general public out there has their opinion of who they want to see in the end and who they would prefer to never see again. After yesterday’s nominations were solidified for this week, I decided to take a step back and just watch everyone play their “game”.

“Game”, this has, forever in BB history, been a subject of debate, both by contestants and followers of the show. What is “game”? Anyone who has read my posts over the years know, I have always stated, “You wanna stay in the house…win the comp.” But, I think it involves more than just winning competitions and getting key people out of the house.

“Good” players come in many shapes and sizes. BB is ALSO a popularity contest, as we have seen before. BB is ALSO a place where making everyone crazy and defying odds can gain you the top prize. BB is ALSO a place where you use your mind to manipulate and bend the will of others to remove potential threat. Any combination of techniques, it’s all necessary and relevant. Here’s some past winners:

• Jordan
• Dan
• Evel Dick
• Dr. Will

Four much different personalities…four different approaches to winning. The bottom-line…your tactics are only as good as the cast you are playing with…and that’s the art form. What one person might see as a threat, doesn’t mean the next person does. So how do you win Big Brother (like that’s an easy one)?

I have one word…Respect. I think it is your job to figure out what that means to each individual you play with. I think you do your best throughout the game to build as many relationships as you can to get the jury stacked up (unknowingly) with people you know (to the best of your ability) will agree with your particular way of play.

I don’t dislike this cast. I do feel it’s a bad decision on the part of the BB powers that be, to have a mixed bag of old and new like this. You can “twist” it all you want, but the people who have been there before have an extreme advantage (look who wins) over those who “have-not” (sorry, bad joke).

Where does the house stand now? I noticed something interesting yesterday and thought it a possibility. Are the Vets too pre-occupied with each other? At one point, until Danielle probably had enough (like everyone else in the house) of Brenchel, the Vets were pretty solid. Dani had Dom and the Vets kept the power until the Spaz-matics (B/R) didn’t like Dani having a friend. Now, spearheaded by Dani, the Vets are divided and now taking each other out. So who is benefitting? The newbies.

If you are a noob on either side of the house, you have to be enjoying watching the biggest competitors taking each other out. Kill ‘em all I say. If you, as a newbie, get one of them out yourself, even better. Who are the 3 biggest targets being thrown around constantly on either side? Brenden, Jeff and Dani, with Rachel as an alternate.

As Jeff pleaded last night for Adam to keep Brenden, Adam shot him down. Shelly will stay and Brenden will leave. If I’m a noob, I’m lovin’ it. Jeff, who is almost being a coward at this point, doesn’t want to have the bigger target and wants Brenden to control Rachel and take down Dani (win, and do it yourself, buddy). Doesn’t look like Jeff is gonna win this battle and Jordan, for now, won’t turn on Shelly. So say bye to Brenden and a Vet.

When Brenden, most likely, leaves this week…it’s 4 on 4 (noobs to vets) and as you already know…ANYTHING can happen in the BB house. Be sure to look closely at this next HOH and the next couple weeks of game play. If Jeff and Dani leave consecutively after this week, watch for the newbies to band together and dispatch with the rest of the returning cast. It could very likely happen.

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