Well, season 11 is in full effect.  With the cliques disbanded and coup d’etats being voted on, it is business as usual in the BB house. 

For those of us (like me) who just can’t get enough of the national CBS broadcast, we elect to follow the show on the daily live feeds and the Showtime Big Brother After Dark to give us the latest and most accurate information regarding the show.  Call it obsessive, or tell me to get a life,  I like to think of it as a 4 month seasonal hobby.  

I notice a great deal of people (myself included) sound off rather firmly about their favorites on the show and how they, and others are playing the game.  That’s pretty much the point of sites like this, right?  But how well do you truly know the people you are rooting for? 

For those without the time or the means to follow the extracurricular BB events or just grab the occasional update every now and then, this one’s for you.  These are fun facts (if you consider what the HG’s say as fact) overheard about the HG’s journey inside the house as well as personal observations.  This is as close to the truth as I can see.  Diehards, you probably know most of this stuff.  Here’s my top 10…

1.  They can’t talk about their diary room sessions with other house guests.  Meaning, they can’t tell others what they say or what’s being asked of them when they are in the DR.  Furthermore, they can’t tell others what Julie Chen asks them in the private HOH interview.  Jesse found that out last night.

2.  They are not allowed to talk about anything production related.  This means their interview process, their handlers or basically anything BB doesn’t want ANY of the viewers to know.

3.  They get paid to play.  I’m sure you thought they got something.  I mean, you can’t pay the bills from a swimming pool.  Funny thing I heard though.  Casey was talking about his stipend (the amount accumulated weekly to offset being away from employment) and I was shocked to hear the actual number.  $750.00 a week.  I personally thought it was more.  I guess according to what Casey was told by the producers, it used to be more, but BB scaled down production.  Hope that’s not a sign.

4.  Must stay continuous.  They can’t cut their hair or do anything extreme to their appearance while in the house.  Anything that they want to do, they need to ask permission.  Lydia was talking about a mohawk last night.  I’m sure it won’t fly.

5.  No name dropping.  This includes friends and family or where you work or worked.  You must have a list before entering the house that is approved by BB.  If you ain’t on the list, you can’t say the name.  They squeak out here and there.

6.  No logos.  You probably see this one already.  Must be approved.  No free marketing here.  Same with schools. 

7.  Lots…I mean LOTS of editing going on.  For me, this is the best part of watching CBS.  I love to see how they chop up and portray the HG”s.  I’m convinced BB itself, has it’s favs.  Most of the people don’t seem to need help looking like a jerk.

8.  No sleepy for you.  HG’s can’t sleep when the BBAD is on.  It’s in the contract.  Jesse was complaining about that one.  This one isn’t always enforced.  I’ve seen people sleeping on BBAD before.  I do know they can’t sleep in any common area in the house, except in the day.  You want to sleep, go to your hole.

9.  HG’s get plenty of help.  You ever watch a skill game on the show and wonder how they just picked it up so fast?  They don’t.  They almost always give the HG’s time to practice, usually the night before.  It would be hilarious to watch no one win a HOH skill comp.  When will it end?  Never gonna happen.

10.  They have been here before.  This is one I just overheard, but have also heard in past seasons.  Most of the HG’s are previous losers.  Meaning they have all tried out for the show multiple times and were rejected for some reason or another.  In addition, many have tried out for a variety of CBS reality shows not knowing where they would end up.  Kinda makes you wonder who really wants to play the game.  I’m not gonna name names on this one because one of them is my personal fav and alot of yours too.

That’s it!  Just wanted to shed some light out there and even the playing field.  I encourage all of you to check some of this stuff out whether it be the feeds or Showtime.  It will change the way you perceive the game…and it’s fun!  Talk to ya soon.

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