Wow!  Just experienced something interesting on the CBS America’s Choice vote site.  I always feel the need to log some votes Jeff’s way when I see or hear more despicable talk from the opposition.  Want to throw this out there. 

I don’t know about you but every time I went to CBS to vote for Jeff, it has been the second picture in the line up.  Until about 10 minutes ago (Aug.4, 2009 @12:06est).  It now seems to be random.  When you refresh to vote again, it randomly generates a new order.  THIS SCARES ME!!!  I hope there is not substance behind this “Ronnie’s wife” propaganda with the rigged votes.  If CBS just clued in to this (I’m hoping they didn’t) there might be a real problem. 

I’m asking for input to those who vote to see if they now notcie what I have.  I tried it about 50 times.  Still random.  Is that the fix for CBS because votes were piling in on Ronnie’s side?  Now more than ever…VOTE FOR JEFF.  You have until midnight to make a difference.

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