I know where they went….


Screw it, I’ll talk about it.  This is tough to swallow.  I know, TRUST ME, I know.  Kevin won POV.  It keeps getting worse for my last standing, dead woman walking, Michele.  It’s all bad…but I’m gonna push on and hope the comments from the BB fans level any plan N/K have to further humiliate and torture Michele.  It’s all I can personally do and I’m SURE I’m delusional.   


She lost.  You won.  I get it.  Good game.  What’s the point in the vindictive attitude?  I’d like to sit here and say Kevin might surprise you and vote out Jordan but that is dumb on his part.  Jordan will most likely be his choice to go to the end with him and that’s when Natalie will get burned IMO.  Might be worth hanging around for that, but it’s SO hard.  I guess that’s at least a possibility compared to him saving Michele.  I don’t believe ANY word that comes out of N/K’s mouth.  Makes it hard to report the facts as well (they’re both that pathological!!).  As the tears drench my keyboard, I’m pretty sure Michele is packing. 


I’m not a Kevin fan, any more than Natalie…so…You Got Me.  Fair and square.  They are both guaranteed to compete for the final two comp.  For those that love Kevin, he’s just not my cup of BB tea as far as game play goes and for those of you that admire Natalie, check yourself in to a morgue.  Kevin just became like my 11th string QB I have to bring in to win the long shot.  This is a case of the lesser of two evils for me.  Man, does this hurt to type.  How much more do I need to endure to finish out the season with a BB positive? 


CBS, I’ve bitched about your tactics all season.  Give me this.  Rig the game (again) and bring someone back or give Michele the 500k in the DR and let her slip out the back door and tell everyone else you got robbed.  I won’t tell….PROMISE!!



I KNOW, it’s not gonna happen.  Woe is me.  BUT, I’ll hang around and finish what I started.  Now, I only have one goal.  Praying for a straight, BB intervention type miracle that will knock Natalie out for the count.  Maybe wild lions will catch her alone in the BY.  It hurts bad…I know… but I’ll keep on keepin’ on.  Natalie is blood-free going in to the finals.  Blood-free!!  I can’t type any more. 


Calling Pandora?  Pandora?  Twisty?  BB?  Allison?  AG?  Help us!!  Please help us?!!  I’ll sign up for next year’s feed today double the price…cash!…I SWEAR!! 


And no, I don’t need to give N or K credit for game play.  I’m a hater.  A straight hater of them, o.k.?  I don’t need to grow up or explain myself.  I’m a sore loser that will watch to the end and complain…complain now…complain later…then when you’re asleep…I’ll complain some more.  I need a hug…CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A HUG FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD?!!!   Ummmmm, good luck this week, Michele?  Hope it works out and you stay?  If not, I guess GO Kevin or Jordan?        Where’s that damn hug? 


P.S.—I LOVE Big Brother (seriously)

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