So the guy trusted the wrong people, talks a little too much like Kenny Powers, had a coach with huge target and pretty much plays the game straight up. He has been a target since the beginning and been on the block more times than I need to mention., but guess what…he is still there…still plowing through competitions…and most importantly…is HOH again and has his sights set on busting up the “quack pack”.

Oh ya, they are running for the hills, scrambling to talk to the guy they just can’t seem to get rid of. “It wasn’t me who wanted you out…it was…”. I love these moments in the game.

Still wanna brag about how tough you are, Danielle? It’s lasted for weeks after your brief reign of power. Tell us more on how much of a beast you are and how they woke a sleeping giant? Ya…you were given one win…now you’re crying in your milk ‘cause you may actually have to play the game. Britney…what’s wrong? Oh, the “brigade” called…and they want your new alliance broken up and want to see what you can do, other than repeat yourself and tell others what to do for you. Ian, guess what…you played a good week and got out a top player…but guess what else…you played your one hand and now Dan is gonna make sure it is known. Good job on getting Ashley out. Hell of a move. That was one awesome HOH you took advantage of…(insert sarcastic comment here). Dan, this is gonna be a tough one…even for the bestest, incrediblest, super duper player…which is you. Um, Frank is gonna get you out. If you’re saved…he’s gonna win and get you out the next week…because your social expertise has officially expired. Shane, I used to like you but you have no backbone. Maybe it’s the disgusting “nomance” that I am forced to watch nightly…or maybe it’s your comb-over that bothers me. Either way, your demise will come and you will be sitting on the couch telling Chen, “I was just too big of a threat…” No Shane, you were dumb and did all the work for your own alliance…realized you were doing so…annnd kept on doing it anyway.

People I want to win: Frank or Ian

People I wouldn’t mind if they win: Ian, Frank, Dan or Shane.

People I don’t think deserve to win under any circumstance: Britney, Danielle, Jenn or Joe.

People I would never like in real life: Britney and Danielle

Frank, please wake up. You can win the comps but need to see the writing on the wall. Reform an alliance with Ian and Shane…and dismantle the rest of the house. Not that I vote, but after what just happened in the house…Frank has my vote for favorite HG. Good luck!

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