I know I said my last post was going to be, my “last post”, but like Kalia, I just can’t seem to shut up. As pig farmers across the world brace for the release of Adam back into the wild and VIP cocktail waitress unions come together for their biggest contribution to the planet thus far, it is without a doubt that Wednesday’s finale night will be chock full of grandstanders and long thought out quips.

As Danielle bribes the cameramen to keep her in every shot, Kalia gets muzzled by the producers and security is beefed up around the craft services table. Dom will be there…patiently waiting for puberty and doing his best to deny same sex tendencies. Don’t forget Evel…yep…him too. Maybe we’ll get some closure to his departure…or maybe we will just have to wait and buy the book. Keith and Lawon are carpooling…until Lawon convinces Keith he will just take the bus because his dog told him there’s a special power on there. Cassie will take some time off from being Olivia Wilde’s stunt double to appear. I wonder if she knows there is already an established actress doing her job for her. Jeff and Jordan will show up to cast a couple jury votes… after he is done beating every last unicorn tear out of her. Honestly, they look like a normal couple in love…I don’t get the whole misogyny movement people talk about with him….homophobia…ya…misogynistic…not so much. TUNA. Oh, yes…Brenden. He’ll be there…looking as supportive as ever. I wonder if he’s gonna be “so proud” of his “fiancé”. Are they engaged…I don’t think I knew that? Who could I be forgetting…oh ya…Shelly. She’ll show up…if she hasn’t already been taken hostage by a BB extremist group for killing America. With the amount of cigarettes she smokes…I would advise her to roll her own, it’s way cheaper. Wait, that’s dumb of me…I forgot…she has a pool and an outdoor grill…in Louisiana…she doesn’t need to save the money…or win Big Brother for that matter.

So that’s the cast of season 13. You ever wonder about the other BB fans out there that differ in opinion so much from your own…you can’t help but think if you were standing next to one of them in line at a grocery store…you would just say to yourself…”For sure that’s a person who would have voted for Kalia to win?”…me too. Thankfully, I have a short attention span and these thoughts disappear as quickly as the HGs on a season…but it’s still funny.

As usual at this point in the season, it’s boring in that house. Porsche and Rachel will square off for the final HOH. How Porsche thinks she’s won as much as Rachel…still blows me away. I’m not wasting my time to look back, but off memory alone, hasn’t Porsche only actually won (and I’m only talking comps that matter) two comps. A HOH and a POV (not including the final HOH that is still in progress)? How does that compare? More importantly…does any of it matter to THIS jury? I say no.

We can talk about all the things the game SHOULD be decided on. It SHOULD be based on game play. It SHOULD be based on competition wins. It SHOULD be a unanimous decision for Rachel…but it won’t be. It’s easy to say one side (Jeff, Jordan, Brenden) and the other side (Danielle, Kalia) will vote with their alliance. I find it crucial to point out that if Danielle and Kalia don’t vote for Rachel to win…they go back on everything they have ever claimed Big Brother is supposed to be. Competitors winning.

I truly believe that J/J/B will vote based on who fought hardest…I don’t say that about Danielle or Kalia. I leave Shelly in the same pool as Dani and Kalia. I KNOW she doesn’t like Rachel…we all do. She has always maintained that this is just a game….the same lingering mantra spoken by the same two people that will vote on everything but. “Don’t hate me Jeff…just game”. Her vote will say it all as well. Are you gonna be bitter…or give the credit?

Taking Adam to the end is the better move by either girl now that he has turned out to be a dud. Common sense tells us to drag along the most useless player to the end to better the chances, but Adam may prove most valuable in the jury house. I have to believe he would vote for Rachel to win regardless of his last ditch effort (the devious last minute threat two both women) to make it to the end, because he will vote fairly…and just. Since Rachel has already told him she has a final two deal with Porsche, he shouldn’t be that surprised if she wins HOH and takes Porsche.

If Rachel makes it to the end, watch for the votes coming from Shelly, Kalia and Danielle…there’s gonna be some nice justifying going on there. I’m hoping…and NOT hoping…Rachel wakes up and takes Adam. Then, I would still get my wish to see Porsche get NOTHING, watch “competitors” not vote for competitors but say they are competitors and have Danielle fake-congratulate Rachel as the confetti falls…but that’s just me.

Now, this time, I am REALLY outta here. All your suggestions rocked and look forward to another great season next year. As I pick a dark, dark corner in my basement and turn the light way down low…I crawl under my thickest blanket…slap myself in the face…and quietly whisper these final two words…”Go Rachel”…

WOW…what a Big Brother.

Tune in for the exciting or disappointing finale night.

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