Here’s a tip for the HG’s.  When you think someone on your team is lying or getting ready to backstab you, WIN THE COMPETITION.  Win the competition to guarantee your safety and let the rest worry about everything else. 


I know that it is common practice to join up or form an alliance, but when it comes down to it, you only have yourself to save or blame.  Counting on ANYONE to have your back is a big no-no.  If someone you never talk to, and is clearly aligned opposite of you in the house, tells you something about your own teammate betraying you, what good does that do for them telling you that?  Oh ya, and coincidentally tell you this right before nominations.  Come on.  Like another poster said, if you’re dumb enough to believe it, then you get what you deserve.  


Would you really need to hear from someone else to tell you who is coming after you?  At this point, you gotta kinda know who is good at what and who isn’t.  You know who is on who’s team for sure, and who can’t fully be trusted, don’t you?  Only one can win right?  Wouldn’t you wanna be sitting next to someone who will guarantee you winning the whole shot?


To me, Russell should be a LOCK for final two.  It’s smart game play to have both sides questioning/disliking you.  Not unlike Michele.  You take to the end who you think you can beat, right?  I’m not gonna mention names, but you know who is gonna vote personally, and you know who is gonna vote on game play.  On either side of the coin, Russell’s paranoia and actions in the house have him marked on both sides.  That’s an easy win to me.  The chances of Lydia, Natalie or Kevin sitting next to anyone in the final two is remote at best.  Regardless of what lies they tell or what they destroy or steal.  Only Kevin, depending on how he goes, would vote based on play.  Bottom line, don’t count on seeing Russell packing so soon.  If the J/J/M side have their thinking caps on, they should turn on each other before booting Russell.  That’s just me.  Only snag in all this, Kevin winning POV and taking down one of the two “lovely women” on the block.  Then the door for lies might re-open and cause Russell to meet an early demise.  Time will tell. 


Most readers are not gonna like this next part.  Natalie is good.  Good at lying.  She is two for two in the lie department and solely responsible for exploiting the unpredictable nature of Michele’s behavior.  She spearheaded operation LML and was able to create doubt of Russell yet again.  She kept her hands clean and inadvertently put Kevin out there to be branded as another liar.  All very “legal”, to me, in the eyes of BB.   She still sucks eggs, though. 


Allow me to be more specific.  Natalie and Lydia are NOT Evel Dick.  I say this, because comparisons have been made and I’m not gonna let you slander Evel Dick like that ‘cause I like him.  First off, they haven’t won ANYTHING.  Second, Evel Dick acted alone.  Third, he didn’t need to make up lies.  Forth, he WON COMPETITIONS.  Fifth, everyone he went after sucked in all senses of the word.  Sixth, he got everyone out of the house who hated him and they still voted to give him the grand prize.  Lastly, he was smart, and saw almost everything coming.  So as you can see, there’s no need to compare anymore. 


When Natalie leaves, Lydia will have nothing more to offer her dwindling group.  The antics will cease, because she will no longer have an audience to give her attention, and she will fade back into obscurity.  Kevin, I don’t really care about.  Even if he pulls off a HOH, he won’t be that lucky twice with an endurance HOH surely coming soon to the BB house.  Like I said, it’s a long shot for any of those three to be sitting in finals. 


A final note on strategy at this point in the game.  Some might not like it.  Jeff, Russell and Michele are each others only shot at winning this game.  They should realize that.  You don’t become a pro MMA fighter, a college football player and get a PhD without knowing and wanting to be the one on top.   How they dimiss the remaining HG’s will determine who’s vote they can semi-count on.  If it’s not some combo of the above in the final 2, count on 50k instead of 500k…’cause one of ‘em is gonna be there.  The distention of J/J/M/R is going to get much, much worse in the coming weeks.  Believe me.  Sorry Jordan fans, it’s not smart to keep her in the game past final three or even final four.  The end HOH comp is always a 3 parter.  Other than possibly Jeff, if he makes it, no one in the house is taking her to the end….not even the other side.  It’s just bad business.  The common theme in the final two, for the most part, is that the two left are on as even playing ground going in as possible.  Still think you’re a sweetie J, ‘lil too slow for me, though.  I’m still sticking with Russell and Jeff as my call, but Michele is a force indeed.     

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