So, evictions are tonight…and a great deal of people seem to think Frank is going home because he angered the mighty mini-me, Willie. Frank was sitting pretty, they say. Willie had his back, they say. I respectfully disagree.

I might be shooting myself in the foot, but I see it going a different way. Now that I can remember the names of these people, and what team they are on, without going to a cheat sheet…I see Frank STAYING…and Kara walking by at least a vote of 5-3. Why, you ask? I’ll tell ya.

Danielle will vote for her teammate and that shouldn’t put her in hot water with anyone because, hey, it’s her teammate. One vote to evict Frank. I don’t know what kind of a game she has but I could easily stamp floater on her for now.

Shane. Shane is part of camp Willie…’cause Willie has (had) power…and also happens to be a teammate. Shane should follow Willie’s orders to evict Frank so he doesn’t come off as another “sheep” in Willie’s eyes. One more vote to evict Frank. I see Shane doing a lot of damage control if his side of the house doesn’t win power this week.

Jojo. There’s a reason I don’t watch Jersey Shore. One, I’m an adult…and two, people like her. The mouth runs…and runs…and runs…and runs. She’s not winning, guaranteed. Another teammate of Willie, I see her voting the same. One more vote to evict Frank. As with Shane, if the power flips…Willie is getting thrown under the bus by both of these people.

Joe. Well, Joe is coming after Willie and will not abide by his plans. One vote to evict Kara. Joe is hoping someone other than Shane or JoJo win this HOH.

Wil. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like Dan. Friendship with Kara aside, he wants him out and she is a causality of war. Additionally, the Willie factor could have been the push needed to save Frank. One vote to evict Kara.

Ian. Ian is a teammate of Frank’s. Is that enough…it should be. One vote to evict Kara. I have no idea what kind of player he will be. He could completely vote the other way for no reason other than chaos.

Ashley. Another person conflicted by the Willie factor. Also, she, Wil and Frank are on the same team and I think they’ll vote the same way as a group. She’s definitely a wild card, though. I’m still giving it one vote to evict Kara.

Jenn. A teammate of Frank’s…who he farted on. Was she mad…ya. Is she more upset with Boogie’s lack of interest…yep. A wild card as well…I think she dusts it off and stays by her team for now. She might be smarter than she lets on. One more vote to evict Kara. Game over 5-3…Kara leaves.

Of course this is my best guess based on the observations of the week. If I’m in that house and see the friction between Frank, Joe and Willie…I’m keeping that in the house as long as I can. I wonder if anyone else sees it. You would think that all those going against the vote would be a target from the other side…and if the power doesn’t fall your way…you could be in trouble. Voting to evict Kara doesn’t put anyone in harms way and keeps the fight between the men and out of your backyard. I don’t think week one is the time to take a stand…and I definitely don’t think Willie would target anyone else other than Frank or Joe if he sees the whole house voted against his wishes and kept Frank…not to mention he can’t play for HOH. Everyone wins when two people want to get each other out…except for them. I’m just sayin’

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