Well, it’s that time of year again and the paranoia and skepticism have already begun. The first nomination is complete as the new and old faces meet to duel it out, literally. The big news thus far seems to be the “disappearance” of “Evel” from the BB house. As of this early morning hour, no one seems to have a clue as to where or what has happened to Evel Dick. Production hasn’t done anything but give live feeders trivia and fish bowls since the Showtime live feed. Let the speculation begin.

With last season, thankfully, in my distant rearview, I look forward to a great season of Big Brother. I can honestly say that the BB twists already revealed make this a BB like none I have ever seen. The gold key and nomination changes alone have put my head into a state of confusion. It’s gonna take some careful planning to wind up at the end of this one.

As to the whereabouts of ED, the feeds just came back and it seems ED is GONE!! Danielle seems to have a golden key and is safe for a month. What happened?…who knows. One thing is for sure…it’s GAME TIME!!

On a side note…the Ogre from Jersey…ya…he’s gonna be an issue for me. No surprise the “VIP” cock-tail waitress seems to be the target for eviction either….no, not that one…the other one.   Enjoy the season!!

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