I’d like to start this out with a quote.  “Chima…this is for you!!  This is for you, Chima!!!”  “I’d also like to give a shout out to Ray Ray and Big Steve…”  Just kidding about the second quote but that’s how Natalie sounded when she won the HOH last night.  If there was a flicker left of drama to be sparked in the BB house, Natalie winning HOH is certainly the catalyst.  Good one Natalie, dedicate your performance to someone who is not only not in the JH, but isn’t even on the show anymore.  I could be wrong, but I don’t think Chima will be there on finale night.  Great strategy.    


LOL…this is a funny way to start the final stretch.  Killer…Janet…I think we all know why none of us popped up this past week.  BOR-ING!!  Killer…you were dead on about the t.v.’s turning off all over the country when Natalie won.  I turned it off SO early that I didn’t even hear Julie mention another “twist”.  You were also dead on about Jeff.  Hey, where did everybody go?  I can’t take another week of “twist” speculation.  All I can say is that I hope it’s not stupid, because to me, no one in the JH deserves to come back.  I’m assuming whatever the “twist” is, it’s not in America’s hands this time.  That’s a scary prospect.  Anyone else notice no goodbye messages for Jeff?  Foreshadowing?  Ve vill see… (that’s my Dracula impression)


Back to the “champion”.  Second HOH for Natalie, huh?  Well, shiver me timbers, I must be dumb.  Could have sworn it was her first, but don’t tell her that.  She considers week one to be hers as well.  She’s REALLY smart.  Anyone notice her quick mumble to Jeff in the goodbye.  “I stayed true to my word..”  HaHaHa.  She is awesome.  Pick another booger and play with it, sicko.  For someone who repeatedly said, “This week’s HOH doesn’t mean sh**”, she sure paraded around like it was the BEST HOH win ever.  I’m sure she’ll tell you NOW, how crucial and perfectly timed it was to win and how it was really her plan all along.  Delusion aside…she did win.  I’ll give her that.  I always say win the comp…stay in the game.  I thought it was funny when they were flashing to the JH and Russ said to Jessie, “Nat might win the whole thing”.  Jessie’s response was less than enthusiastic at that notion.  Something else to note…the lie of her age.  Did she think Jessie was taking that to the grave or something?  Though it might be irrelevant to some, people seem to be bothered by it when they find out.  Will it influence voting if she makes it that far? 


Other than a “twist” on the horizon, the POV comp will be the final nail in the coffin for someone.  As I said before, I don’t think anyone is buying what anyone is selling at this point so we could be right back to BORING after the POV comp.  You gotta win.  For me…this means you Michele. 


I will keep an ear out for a heads up on the “twist”.  I’m sure Janet and Killer will as well.  There is almost always a DR leak that you can pick up on and get a better idea as to what may go down.  Stay glued to the feeds if ya got ‘em.  Chances are, one of us will know before it is broadcast and we will post when we do…if Matt doesn’t beat us all to it (lol).  Other than a HG coming back, any guesses to the twist?            

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